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Letters from Readers

Lee Eun-ji, leeej4@kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2007-11-30 오후 4:15:54

- [KMU Voice]Letters from Readers(07/03/08)
- [KMU Voice]Letters from Readers(06/08/25)
I was glad to find more good reading in the Gazette, and now I am one of those who looks forward to the next issue. It takes a lot of time for me to read the whole magazine and sometimes I pause, but considering the time reporters devote to articles, the time to read them is very short. I think it is a good space that allows communication between foreigners and students who enjoy English. By the way, I have one question. How often do you release the magazine?

It is very exciting to give my opinion to the magazine’s makers. I just want to say one quick point instead of the usual thanks. It is about the article “Dangers of Foodstuffs.” It was not a new thing to read because the mass media has dealt with that problem so many times. The article seems to have used content from other newspapers and magazines. I am sorry to have the same feeling from most of the article. Perhaps that’s just because reporters are students who don’t have enough time to research. I also understand that reporters have limited space to write their articles and it’s hard to handle the topic deeply, but I hope reporters will make a little more effort to find less common topics and handle them with newer information. One more thing, more surveys and quotations from students and professors will make the Gazette easier to understand and more friendly and reliable. It's not only the reporters’ responsibility to make a better magazine, just like it isn’t only the reporters’ responsibility to write articles. The more attention and more writings we submit, the better the magazine we will have.

By Lee Eung-sang
(Freshman, Dept. Social Sciences)

This is my first time to read the Gazette. I didn't have any interest in the Gazette before because I thought it was too hard to read. However, it was just my opinion and it was wrong. I read the Gazette by chance, and found the Gazette used words I could understand easily. In my case, I studied lots of new vocabulary. I am so thankful to the Gazette for publishing this.

Most of the articles were useful and helpful to me. They contained lots of information about our university, society, and culture. Therefore, I could know about our university and daily life through the Gazette. Especially, the cover story was the most interesting for me. I too have a Cyworld mini-homepage and it is very useful to connect with my friends in other countries. We exchange news through comments. I get a lot of information that way too. It helps me a lot in parts of my life. The article on Paik Nam-june was memorable, too. He is famous for creating unique art, but I didn't know much about him. Nowadays, people cherish his memory so this article was well-timed.

I enjoyed reading the Gazette very much. I expect the Gazette will be a useful and helpful magazine for everybody. Thank you to the entire staff of the Gazette. I'm looking forward to the next issue.

By Lee Sun-min
(Junior, Dept. Energy Environmental Science)

I am one of the biggest fans of the Gazette and have long-awaited the next issue. As soon as I entered Keimyung University, I was quite surprised at this university's English magazine. The Gazette is not as difficult to read as other English magazines, so it can be understood very easily and helps me to improve my English ability. Therefore, I read almost every issue. This month's Gazette also has lots of useful and interesting articles. I was very interested in “Keimyung People.”

Before I read this month's Gazette, I saw Kim Jun-ho, who was interviewed for “Keimyung People” in front of Bauer Hall. He pleases everybody in the morning with an energetic greeting and smile. One day, he said, “Good morning,” and bowed to me very politely. I was very surprised because I was just a student and he gave me a deep impression. One of my friends said that he always greets students with a big smile. Actually, it is very difficult to greet young people as he does. Nowadays, most people are too busy to care about others. However, he is different. He cares about students and makes everybody feel so good.

We need to listen to his advice to love our school. He always tries to be a model to others and puts that into action. I am sure that he is one of the most important people in our school and I was very happy to read about him in the Gazette. I also expect to see other good Keimyung people in the next issue.

By Shin So-hyun
(Freshman, Faculty of Undeclared Majors)
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