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Letters from Readers

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등록일: 2007-03-08 오후 2:38:07

I was looking forward to seeing theGazette No. 122, which met my expectation as previous editions. First of all, “Global Programs” was the most interesting and useful article for me. My major is English language, so I’m interested in global programs which help me to improve my English ability. In fact, I live in KELI dormitory, and I often drop by the International Lounge to be in an English environment. However, I did not know much about what global programs KMU offers students. Firstly, I was surprised at the various global programs, and then I decided to join some of them. Now, I’m planning to participate in four global programs. I cut off the timetable and kept it in my agenda not to forget it.

Secondly, “Good Places Near KMU’s East Gate” included very useful information for students who look for places to eat and drink with reasonable prices. As you recommended, I covered all the spots except Rabokki Country. I will visit there soon.

Lastly, there is one point that you should consider more. In the “Pop Advertising” section, there were too many photos which were not well organized and neat. They seemed clumsy.

Overall, Gazette No. 122 was full of good information. Please, keep in mind that all KMU students are looking forward to seeing the next Gazette, so do your best as you have been doing. Good luck!

By Lee Suk-hyang
(Senior, Dept. of English Literature & Language.)

Since I entered Keimyung University, I have read The Kiemyung Gazette constantly. Whenever a new edition arrives, I am surprised at the interesting articles. The colorful pages and interesting cover make it feel attractive to read. As a freshman, I didn't have much information on campus life. In this edition, I got a lot of information to help my campus life. I read the “Better Campus Life” section. I had heard of the existence of the Center for Student Counseling, but I didn’t have enough information including its location. This center had many helpful programs for students. I will participate in the programs next semester. Especially, I want to experience the self-growth program.

In the cover story, I realized that our university has many global programs. I could search a program to fit me. I also decided that I will try to study hard to join the program. The program is helpful for me to upgrade me. This information of the section was very good.

The Gazette had many good points, but also had a bad point. When Gazette No. 122 came out, l was preparing for my final exams, so I didn’t have enough time to read all articles. I wish that the Gazette will come earlier than before.

I want to say thank you very much to the Gazette staff for giving good information to us. I will expect Gazette No. 123.

By Lee Hae-young
(Sophomore, Dept. of Korean Language & Literature)

To tell the truth, I contacted with my first Gazette. Before I read the Gazette, I thought that English newspapers were very difficult, so I had a little fear about English newspaper. But, the Gazette made me feel that English papers can be familiar. In general, the Gazette deals with familiar subjects, so I understood it better than other newspapers.

I was interested in the cover story especially which introduced many global programs in our university. As one of the many global programs, I carefully read the Exchange Student Programs. For the Exchange Student Program, I prepared official second language scores and interview in a second language. These days I study TOEFL and English Conversation at the International Education Center. I will enter KELI House (an English-only residence hall) if I have the chance certainly. Even though I have insufficient ability, I will make an effort more and more. Taking this opportunity, I will frequently read the Gazette. Thank you for giving good information to me. Good luck Gazette!

By Jung Yang-sun
(Sophomore, Dept. of education)
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