Brief on KMU

Sex Education by Gu Sung Ae


On November third, a special sex education lecture was held. The title was 'Love your body campaign with teacher Gu Seung Ae'. The lecture included many events like a pop quiz time and asking questions to teacher Gu Seung Ae. The students who said the correct answer received a book written by Gu Seung Ae.

During the lecture, students got a lot of information related to many situations, such as how to recover from sexual abuse, the correct methods of contraception when we have sex, different meanings of sex between men and women, sound sex and so on.

The primary purpose of the event was to introduce correct and healthy sex to Keimyung University students. In addition, the 'whistle campaign' was also included in the lecture to help prevent sexual violence. After all the scheduled events, certificates with student’s names were written and souvenirs were handed out.