Campus News

Keimyung’s Campus Communication Culture Campaign (3C)

Keimyung University starts its 3C Campaign next semester. Its goals are to improve relationships and increase interactions between Keimyung people and enlarge communication with society. The three main objectives are the opening of campus spaces, enhancing relationships, and the activating of student communities.

Recently, our university has opened various facilities to the public such as the playground, the library, Hanhakcho’n, and Hengso Museum. Now, Keimyung is putting more focus on opening spaces for Keimyung people. Faculty administrative offices will be changed into comfortable and friendly places for students to use more often. The lobbies of the buildings will be remodeled to suit a quality learning environment. To enhance relationships and interactions among Keimyung people, regulations of using polite words by professors, students and staff will be set up and announced. An on-line suggestion space is also expected for Keimyung people to hear and voice their various opinions. It is going to adopt a real name check system involving users’ real names and identification numbers to prevent adverse side effects and abuse. KMU will enact codes of ethics for netizens to activate student communities and open more study rooms for free discussion and small group study.

President Lee Jin-woo said, “Today’s universities need open new ways to communicate to satisfy the desires of this era, our society, and demanders. I will reform communication methods to respect and consider others and set up the base to develop our university and society.”