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Improve your foreign language skills by participating in LAS Weekdays!

Some say that learning a new language opens a new door. This means that a new language will broaden our perspective and our base pool of knowledge. It could also lead us to access more job opportunities and experiences. Of course, KMU does offer multiple academic courses for different languages, but for students who want to learn other languages or want to focus on conversational practice, the KMU International Lounge has a perfect language programme started: LAS Weekdays! 
LAS Weekdays is one of the KMUIL’s signature programmes at which students can take a small-group language class at no cost. The classes are taught by qualified foreign professors at KMU, who speak the subject language as their mother tongue. For this semester, there will be classes for English, German, and Turkish. From Monday to Friday, a total of 10 classes – one Turkish, one German, and eight English classes – will be held in the Seminar Room 1 at the International Lounge for four students. Most of these classes are designed for students across all levels. Some of the classes are specifically designed for the beginner level students.
To apply for a class, students must visit the International Lounge and fill in the application sheet a week before their desired date of class. The application for the next week’s classes must be done by 5 pm every Thursday. The students must be aware that signing up one time does not guarantee their taking classes throughout the entire semester. That is, the students must sign up for each class on a weekly basis. One class consists of 4 students at maximum, and the application is made by the order of arrival. Also, each student can only attend one class a week. Therefore, it is recommended that the students do not wait to sign up until the last minute. 
LAS Weekdays allows students to develop their language skills. Those who are interested in participating in a class and want to know the detailed class schedule are welcomed to inquire at the International Lounge. For more information, please contact the International Lounge by calling 053-580-6327 or simply visit the information desk at the International Lounge.