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KMU International Lounge Movie Day


On Wednesday, May 4th the KMU International Lounge held the first Movie Day in years. A Movie Day is an event held by the KMU International Lounge where the students can watch movies from different countries and learn about that country’s culture. A few days before the event, the International Lounge asked visitors to write down the movies that they want to watch on a whiteboard, and the chosen movie was Deadpool.
The Lounge plans to hold this event on a weekly basis on Wednesdays at 2 pm. Starting with the second Movie Day, the event will be integrated into another of the Lounge’s programmes called Culture Week. Culture Week is a program in which the lounge is decorated to represent different cultures to expose Korean and International students to diverse cultures. The movie for the second Movie Day on May 11th was La Belle Époque to celebrate the French Culture Week. On May 18th, the third Movie Day, the movie Coco will be shown as a part of the Latin Culture Week. Finally, for the fourth Movie Day during the Japanese Culture Week, the movie Shoplifters will be played on the same day and time. 
For more information, please check the KMUIL Instagram account!