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K-LACE Programme Orientation at KMU International Lounge

K-LACE, the Korean Language and Culture Exchange, is one of the programmes held by the KMU International Lounge. The programme liaises a Korean student and two or three non-Korean students, for the Korean Student to act as a Korean teacher for the non-Korean students. Through this programme, both KMU students and international students are offered the chance to meet and socialise with each other and exchange language and culture. 
As KMU foreign students’ Korean language skills vary greatly, the KMUIL created three different levels from Beginner to Intermediate which the foreign students can choose from. Level 1 is for beginners, who have a short history of Korean language study or are just beginning. For this level, the explanation is made more in English than Korean. Level 2 is for pre-intermediate students, who already have basic Korean  knowledge. For this level, the explanation is made in both English and Korean. Lastly, Level 3 is for upper-intermediate level students, who have been learning Korean for some time. For this level, the explanation is made in Korean. The Korean students applying to be the teachers were also able to choose what level of students to teach.
The K-LACE programme set forth on Wednesday, March 23rd and the students gathered at the KMUIL and finally meet each other to form the teacher-student pairs.