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University of Central Lancashire


If you are interested in studying abroad at a university that offers a variety of courses, then you may want to consider University of Central Lancashire for your destination. 
The university was established in 1828. It has endeavoured to develop and provide students with a variety of programmes under six departments: Life Sciences and Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Social Sciences and Management, and Natural Sciences. As a result, it offers about 230 undergraduate courses for students to choose from. You may find something that suits you perfectly! 
The University of Central Lancashire is located in Preston, Lancashire, UK. Located in northern England, it is within a two-hour drive from both London and Glasgow, the capitals of England and Scotland. This location will give you a great chance to travel around both countries. Also, for fans of the English Premier League, its location is attractive because you can drive to Liverpool and Manchester in less than an hour (Who wants to see Manchester United?). But don’t limit your traveling experience to England and the UK only. You can also travel across Europe with different means of transportation from this great location. 
There are several fields of study that may interest you. One field of study that might be of interest is journalism. The university was one of the first schools to teach journalism in the country. The school concentrates on developing students’ practical work skills, and many journalism graduates are currently working in the fields of broadcasting and journalism. It also provides many courses in developing disciplines such as forensic sciences, animation, cyberpsychology and more. These unconventional courses could make your life as an exchange student unique, fun and unforgettable. 
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