Campus News

Wind of Change in KMU Departments


A wind of change has come to departments in KMU.
First, some departments don’t receive new applicants. Major in American Studies doesn’t receive applicants anymore. These evening programs don’t receive applicants: Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Tourist Management, Accounting, Management Information System (MIS), Economics and Finance, and Law. Also, Early Childhood Physical Education, Management and Sociology, and Future Automotive Practical Engineering majors are abolished. 
Meanwhile, some new departments are looking forward to a good start. The Business Big Data Department is created. The following departments have merged: Department of Consumer Information Studies and Economics and Finance major became a Major in Economics and Finance. A Major in International Commerce and a Major in E-Trade became a Major in International Commerce. 
Also, many language and literature majors and regional studies majors have merged as: the Department of German and European Studies, the Department of Chinese Language and Chinese Studies, and the Department of Japanese Language and Japanese Studies.
Furthermore, some departments rebranded themselves. Major in Russian Language and Literature is now Department of Russian and Central Asian Studies. Major in Smart Mechanical System Engineering became Major in Smart Factory Engineering. Major in Cultural Content became Major in XR Game Studies. 
To avoid confusion, students should pay attention to these changes.