Campus News

Keimyung Citizen Week

 The Center for Citizen Education of Keimyung University celebrated Keimyung Citizen Week from the 22nd to 26th of November, seeking to establish a space of communication, art, culture, and entrepreneurship, in which the locals and the members of KMU can both engage. For a week, numerous events filled the Seongseo and Daemyung campuses. On the Seongseo Campus, the Special Lecture “Story of Daegu” about Gyeongsang-gamyeong, took place on Monday at the Hengso Museum. There was also a Youth Maker Hackathon Competition that took place in Industry-Academic Cooperation Hall and lasted   for five days until November 26th .
 Including the Opening Ceremony, a Korean traditional dance performance, and a History Culture Academy Special Lecture “Kim Swoo-geun and Ando Tadao” on Tuesday, the participants could  do Draw the antiquity on eco-bags hands-on activity and see a special exhibition titled “The Wooden Furniture Collection of Hengso Museum.” The exhibition is a part of the event, but it will last  until April 15th, 2022  . On Daemyung Campus, participants can enjoy the Draw the antiquity on eco-bags hands-on activity, Korean traditional dance performance, College of Citizen Education’s Special Lecture Communication , a Model Study Major fashion show, live commerce and online sales competition, busking performances of foreign faculty members, and various exhibitions.