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Keimyung's Beautiful Campus
We can easily see Keimyung University campus in movies and dramas. "Ditto," "Hourglass," "Legend of Ambition," "Crazy First Love," and many movies and dramas (about 30 works) have been made in our campus. While making "White Night" 3.98 in Daemyung campus, the director,...
Movie Trailer Editor
What would affect you when choosing a movie to watch? Usually, people decide which movie to watch from trailers they see on TV or Internet. This shows that people think movie trailers are important. A movie trailer editor is someone who introduces the plot, characters a...
Legal Interpreter
As Korea becomes more globalized, more foreigners move here. Some foreigners commit crimes and others have various problems or conflicts here. However, it is not easy to settle conflicts or prosecute alleged criminals because of language barriers. To help resolve these ...
Credit Card Designer
Have you ever seen a unique design on a credit card and wondered who made it? These days, having a personalized credit, debit or check card is very popular. People can even choose their own pictures to put on a card. This shows that design is important to people. The pe...
House Manager / Seo Sang-Ah 2017-06-08 10:06:27
Customs Brokers / Choi Eun-gyu 2017-04-17 14:04:01
KMG Reporters / Lee Ji-min 2017-02-28 17:49:06
Hotel manager / Lee Ji-min 2017-02-28 17:45:47
Fashion Merchandiser / Lee Min-zy 2016-10-17 12:01:05
The Korean National Commission... / Hur Ji-hyun 2016-09-05 17:00:21
Korea Consumer Agency Office W... / Kang Na-yeong 2016-07-26 00:45:04
National Human Rights Commissi... / An Chi-yeong 2016-05-01 02:39:18
Bank Clerk / Seok Soo-bin 2016-03-20 00:33:30
Financial Clerk in KODIT / Lee Jun-woo 2016-01-03 21:45:42
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Korea Tour Card
On January 23, 2017, the Korea Tour Card for foreign tourists was released. It is a transportation and tourism card only for forei...
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Palgong Mountain Dyed with Tin...
Palgong Mountain is a famous tourist attraction with beautiful scenery which attracts visitors from all over the nation. All the y...
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