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A Musical Contest of Auspices by the Dresden Opera House of ...
Recently, 'World a Musical Contest of Auspices of the Dresden Opera House in Germany' opened in Seoul with auspices of the German Embassy and, Jeon Sang-min, a tenor who graduated from Keimyung Univer...  [2009-09-02]
Red Dot Awards
Lee Ho-young (junior, Dept. of Industrial Design) won a prize at the Red Dot Design Awards 2009 held in the Singapore. This award is widely recognized along with two other awards, IDEA of America and ...  [2009-08-28]
The first half year of the 2009 Korean Language Course Cerem...
On July 31th, the first half year of the 2009 Korean language course ceremony was held in the multimedia room on the 3rd floor of the new Bauer Hall, sponsored by Dong Yeong Hall (the Center for Inter...  [2009-08-14]
Charity Performance by Dept. of Theatre Arts
The Department of Theatre Arts of Keimyung University held a charity performance for people with special needs, and low-income families’ teenagers, on August 4 and 7. This department has often organi...  [2009-08-09]
Summer School for Local Community Teenagers
From July 20 to August 13,a summer school for local community teenagers was held at Keimyung University. The program was held at the College of Music and Performing Arts (violin, cello, vocal, piano, ...  [2009-07-27]
The Keimyung 1% love sharing with Ethiopia
Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Keimyung will send approximately US$7,700 to Ethiopia. The donation will be used to provide Ethiopian students with bags, school uniforms, and other ...  [2009-07-21]
The College of Fashion Concluded an Academic Interchange Agr...
On June 26, the College of Fashion and Tsinghua University Academy of Arts and Design concluded an agreement to do a scientific interchange and both parties pledged close cooperation with each other. ...  [2009-07-20]
Musical Workshop
From June 24 to 27, a musical workshop was held at the College of Music and Performing Arts, and many young people with a love and passion for musicals attended. The event has taken place for three ye...  [2009-07-02]
Habitat Presentation
On June 22, a presentation regarding Habitat was held in Dong Yeong Hall(the Center for International Education), proceeded by Seok Ui-hwan, Director of Habitat for Humanity in Daegu and Gyeongbuk pro...  [2009-07-01]
Naming Ceremony at Seongseo Campus
On June 9, a naming ceremony was held at Seongseo campus, sponsored by the Office of General Affairs. This ceremony was held for the purpose of appreciating those who contributed much to Keimyung Univ...  [2009-06-16]
Invitation Lecture by Lawyer Kim Byung-joon
On June 3, lawyer Kim Byung-joon lectured on “The Future of Employment of University students” in the multimedia room on the 3rd floor of the new Bauer Hall. He recommended seven things to students ...  [2009-06-08]
The 60th Art and Literature Forum
On May 27, the 60th Art and Literature Forum, entitled “Movies: Why do so many people make them?,” was held under the auspices of the Department of Creative Writing in Room 354, Youngam Hall. Baek S...  [2009-06-01]
Lecture by President of SK C&C
On May 15, Jung Chul-gil, President of SK Computer and Communication held a lecture in the College of Business Administration. The lecture content was about management policies, and he introduced the ...  [2009-05-19]
The First Spanish Film Festival
The Department of Spanish & Latin American studies held the first Spanish film festival titled “In Search of Documentary Films,” supported by the Embassy of Spain in Korea. The festival continued fo...  [2009-05-20]
English Only Lectures Supported by the Ministry of Education...
Keimyung University has decided to provide an English-only lecture and a program to master Korean, which will be supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Keimyung University wil...  [2009-05-09]
Skan Ranjan, Indian Ambassador to Korea, Visited Keimyung Un...
On April 21, Skan Ranjan, Indian Ambassador to Korea, visited Keimyung University. During his visit, Ambassador Skan discussed countermeasures regarding ways of fostering relations between the two nat...  [2009-05-06]
Keimyung University Plans to Establish a Special Institute R...
Keimyung University plans to establish a special institute related to Korea culture. As folktales are often being overlooked, a special institute plans to do folktale studies, looking into their simpl...  [2009-04-17]
Students participating in drawing wall-paintings
Students of the College of Fine Arts organized a wall painting volunteer team and promised to make beautiful wall paintings on April 1. They are going to draw wall paintings in the dark areas of citie...  [2009-04-16]
Naming Ceremony of ‘Namjung Pottery Lab’
On March 20th, a naming ceremony for ‘Namjung Pottery Lab’ was held in room 200 of the Adams Hall in Daemyung Campus. Many students and professors participated in the ceremony including President Sy...  [2009-04-13]
Keimyung University Students Awarded a Medal
From February 18 to 22, the 2009 Berlin International Dance Festival, TANZOLYMP was held at the House of Berliner Festspiele for five days with 600 dancers from about 25 countries. Keimyung University...  [2009-04-02]

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