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Tourism Product Developer

In modern society, living standards are rising and the concept of “work-life balance” has changed, which have increased interest in leisure and travel. Because of that, the job of tourism product developer is getting attention. They plan and develop tourism products and consult with customers.


What they Do
They plan, develop and manage tours, tour schedules and tour costs. They also analyze existing tour packages to find problems and improve them. Moreover, they identify the needs of the consumers who want the tour products and introduce the characteristics of the products. 


Aptitude & Interest
They need insight and observational skills to plan out unique travel products. They have exceptional communication skills, including the ability to speak foreign languages fluently. Basically, it is suitable for an outgoing and active person who loves to travel, and works for a variety of customers, which requires smooth communication. Moreover, they have strong leadership skills and stamina because they must adapt quickly to changes such as different climates or jet lag.


How to Become
People who want to be a tourism product developer need a bachelor’s degree. It is advantageous to have a degree in a foreign language or a degree related to tourism such as tourism management or hotel management. The related certificates that are beneficial include tourism interpretation guide and domestic travel guide. 


The increasing interest in travel and leisure is expected to benefit tourism product developers. Tourism is an industry that continues to grow, and the future is bright. In addition, the growing popularity of individual, customized tours has led to a growing demand for product development for personalized needs. Therefore, the demand for this job is expected to grow in the future.