International Corner

KMU Exchange student

KMU is developing a reputation as a great place to study for exchange students and is actively recruiting exchange students for the second semester. The exchange student system is a system that exchanges students from foreign universities with sisterhood agreements. Students from KMU will study at an overseas university for six months to a maximum of one year, and the credits earned will be recognized as credits from KMU. In principle, tuition will be paid to KMU and the tuition for the dispatched university will be exempt. If selected as an exchange student, Student can also be sent as an ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) member school (about 300 universities in 50 countries around the world) or an ACUCA (Association of Christian Universities in Asia), where KMU is registered as a member school. The dispatching university is subject to the circumstances of its sister university every semester. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the notice of selection of dispatched exchange students posted on the homepage of each semester.To qualify, students need to have an average grade of 3.0 or higher, and enrolled in the 2nd to 7th semester. In addition, a certified language proficiency test score shall be obtained based on the valid results of each country within two years.