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A Shore Excursion Manager

Only a few years ago, most people enjoyed their vacations on the ground. However, nowadays, people are also having fun taking cruises at sea. To make sure people have fun on a cruise ship, there are many members of the crew available to help. Here are more details about shore excursion managers.

What They Do
Members of a cruise ship’s crew provide services so that passengers are comfortable, safe, and happy on the cruise. Hundreds of employees work in various fields on cruise ships. There are many managers, engineers and cooks, but the most influential person to start a cruise is a shore excursion manager. They increase the company's sales by promoting future cruise sales and provide all information regarding future cruise itinerary. Most importantly for customers, they plan interesting excursions in fantastic places like exploring the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

How to Become
Familiarize yourself with the company's products, the placement of individual ships, and all other aspects of the business. You should be able to give a professional presentation in front of a large audience. At least two years of experience at a hotel, cruise line or travel agency is recommended. In addition, a high school diploma or equivalent degree is required, and a college or university degree can be plus. On cruise ships, good English skills are needed to interact with customers, and dual language skills are widely preferred. In Korea, Chinese and Japanese language skills are also prized.

 Korea is a peninsula, and nowadays many people are interested in taking cruises. In addition, the government has set a plan to attract two million foreign and domestic cruise tourists annually by 2020. Given this situation, the prospects for becoming a member of a cruise ship’s of cruise crew are very good.