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Competitive Menu Development Exhibition
On January 19, the Healing Food Project Team of Keimyung University held a Menu Development competition at Hotel The Palace in Daegu. About 30 people, including representatives of Daegu, Mungyeong, Ch...  [2014-03-09]
KMU Leads Korean Language Education in Africa
KMU leads Korean language education in Africa. This popular Korean teaching program is designed by KMU by concluding the academic exchange agreement with the main 3 national universities in Africa suc...  [2014-03-04]
KMU Selected as Supporting University by KOICA
KMU was selected as the supporting university by Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA). KMU will have support for the program for international development and cooperation.This support program...  [2014-02-17]
KMU Students' Volunteer Activities for Asian Nations
On December 24, 2013 Winter Volunteer Activities' Launch Ceremony was held in the Hengso Museum. KMU has carried out volunteer activities for developed countries in Asia since 2002. So far, KMU has se...  [2014-02-13]
KMU Opens Food Service Management Center for Children
Keimyung University President Synn Il-hi announced the opening of Daegu Dalseo-gu Food Service Center for Children, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Food and Drug Saftey and Daegu Dalseo-gu.On Ja...  [2014-02-15]
Global Major Field Experience
Keimyung University students have an opportunity to get experience in their majors. This program, Keimyung Global Major Field Experience, is provided by the Advancement for College Education (ACE) off...  [2014-02-13]
Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony
On November 14, a ceremony was held in Adams Chapel to confer an honorary doctorate on Chui Siliang, the president of Beijing Language and Culture University. Chui Siliang has served as a professor, a...  [2013-12-04]
Supporting Small Local Libraries
Since 2011, KMU has had various supporting activities for small libraries in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. Volunteers, librarians, and professors help with reading education programs, arranging books an...  [2013-12-01]
Huh Kyung-mi, a KMU Professor, Receives the Presidential Cit...
Huh Kyung-mi, a Keimyung University professor in the Department of Police Administration, was awarded the Presidential Citation as part of the commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the police. Prof...  [2013-11-28]
Keimyung University Taekwondo Demonstration Team
The Keimyung University Taekwondo demonstration team is getting attention as an envoy of Korea. The Keimyung University Taekwondo demonstrations team, which is made up Department of Taekwondo students...  [2013-11-24]
KMU the Official Test Agency of 4 Foreign Languages
Keimyung University leads the local community's globalization efforts by holding various foreign language educational programs and administering foreign language tests.KMU is accepted as the only offi...  [2013-11-08]
KMU-Uiseong High School Mutual Assistance Agreement
Keimyung University takes the lead to help rural area schools that lack in educational and cultural opportunities. Interested people of both parties, including President Jeong Hyeonhui of the College ...  [2013-10-01]
Agreement between KMU Confucius Academy and Daegu Chung-ang ...
On September 10, the KMU Confucius Institute made an agreement with Daegu Chung-ang Middle and High Schools to provide classes in Chinese language and culture in the library of Chung-ang High School.T...  [2013-10-01]
TDB Held Fashion Exhibition in Germany
Recently, students and professors in Keimyung University’s school-based enterprise Total Design for Bisa (TDB) attended a special event called “Exhibition of International Costume” in Berlin, Germa...  [2013-09-03]
Academic Exchange Agreement between KMU and Lanzhou Universi...
On August 27th, Keimyung University and Lanzhou University concluded an academic exchange agreement on Seongseo Campus of Keimyung University. The Vice President for School Affairs of Keimyung Univers...  [2013-09-01]
KMU Selected as Artistic Crafts Design University
Keimyung University was recently selected as an educational institution that offers artistic crafts design for a national project. This project was started by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 20...  [2013-07-26]
Keimyung Student Council Officers Participate in Scholarship...
Keimyung University Students' Union officers promoted the ”Keimyung 1% Scholarship Division” movement. This movement’s goal is to have Student Council Officers donate 1% of the scholarships they re...  [2013-05-20]
Agreement Between KMU and the Israel Industrial Research and...
A meeting to sign an international cooperation agreement between Keimyung University and Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation was held on May 10 in the Main Administration Building.Pr...  [2013-05-29]
Special Lecture by Choi Donghae, Chief of Daegu Metropolitan...
On May 14th, Choi Donghae, Daegu police chief, gave a special lecture at the Hengso Museum. And about 1500 students from the Colleges of Law and Police Sciences attended. The theme of the lecture was ...  [2013-05-21]
Agreement with Daegu Correction Agency
Keimyung University made an agreement to cooperate in related fields with the Daegu Correction Agency, which is a first for local institutions of education.Keimyung University president Synn Ilhi and ...  [2013-05-14]

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