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A Korea-China culture of cooperation campaign
Currently, there is a serious conflict between Korea and China over THAAD, and Keimyung has been conducting concentrated efforts to reduce tensions over the conflict. Last December, Keimyung conducted...  [2017-04-17]
Campaign for Fire Fighter Choi Gil-su
On March 20 to 24, Keimyung University’s Student Council and the College of Physical Education held a campaign for fire fighter Choi Gil-su at Bauer Hall and the Dongsan Library. He graduated from Ke...  [2017-04-17]
2017 Daegu International Textile Fair
At the 2017 Daegu International Textile Fair, which was held from March 8-10, KMU students from the Fashion Marketing Department attracted a lot of attention. They participated in the fair as Da-Mi La...  [2017-04-17]
Art and Culture Scholarship Exchange
Synn Il-hi, KMU president, visited Poland and Hungary from February 19 to 26 to develop relationships with two European universities. He first visited Jakiellonian University to finalize an exchange a...  [2017-04-17]
US Ambassador Mark Lippert Visits KMU
On Jan. 10, U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert visited Keimyung University’s Taekwondo Center. Ambassador Lippert has a huge interest in Taekwondo, so he visited KMU Taekwondo Center and watched a taekwond...  [2017-02-27]
KMU Student Gave a Guard a Camp Bed
It is currently a topic of interest in the Keimyung University online community that a student gave a security guard a camp bed.The student is a Keimyung Engineering College student, and he wrote that...  [2017-02-27]
Free Semester System Event
On December 22, a free semester system event was held by KMU. Its purpose was to advocate the free semester system and to improve public education across all schools.In this event, there were 20 exper...  [2017-02-27]
Business and CEO Forum
On September 30, Im Jong-deok, the executive director of Pyung Hwa Holdings, delivered a special lecture at Euiyang Hall. The topic of this lecture was about Pyung Hwa Holdings and the relationship be...  [2016-12-06]
Women's Equal Labor Rights
On November 15, the 115th Keimyung Women’s Studies Seminar was held in the International Seminar Room in the College of Business. The topic for the seminar was “New Welfare Paradigm for Women’s Equ...  [2016-12-05]
The 3rd Goethe Golden Bell
On October 6, 2016, the 3rd Keimyung Goethe Golden Bell Competition was held at the College of Business Administration. This event was hosted by the KMU Goethe Institute and was supervised by the Depa...  [2016-12-05]
Keimyung Industry-Academic Cooperation Expo
On November 20, Keimyung University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Expo was held at the AW Hotel in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Executives and employees of various companies in Daegu and KMU professor...  [2016-11-21]
A Talk with Olympic Archery Gold Medalist Chang Hye-jin
On October 31th, Chang Hye-jin talked with KMU students in the seminar room in Keimyung University’s new Bauer Hall. This talk was held by the KMU Center for Teaching & Learning with the topic: ‘Cha...  [2016-11-14]
Coaching Studying Seminar
The Studying Consultant Center held a lecture for professors about how help students improve their study skills. In the seminar, the instructor said professors must believe that their students can do ...  [2016-10-18]
KMU Selected for Creative Korea
Four of Keimyung University’s enterprise organizations were selected for Creative Korea (CK project) by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea. Keimyung University now ha...  [2016-10-04]
Gukje Forum
On October 7, the Gukje Forum was held at Keimyung University’s Gukje Art Museum. The Gukje Forum was founded in honor of Jeong Jeum-sik, and named as such to commemorate his accomplishments and dedi...  [2016-10-11]
KMU Textile Design Students in Shanghai
From August 24 to 27, KMU textile design students participated in Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles. The topic of this textile fair was children experiencing new cultures and establishing identities...  [2016-10-03]
Keimyung University Sports Industry Developers Opens Start-u...
Keimyung University Sports Industry Developers opened the Sports Industry Start-up Space on the 7th floor of the Daegu Trade Center to offer support to start-up companies. KMU selected Sports ICT conv...  [2016-09-05]
Supporting Startups to Revive the Local Economy
KMU has been appointed one of the leading startup universities by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA). Keimyung Startup Support Center (KESOC) supports students who want to start their...  [2016-09-05]
Dongsan Medical Center Receives Plaque
On July 11, Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center (Director, Kim Kwon-bae) received a plaque of appreciation from the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). The center has participated in a me...  [2016-08-17]
GTEP of Keimyung University
From July 6 to 9, KMU students in the Glocal Trade Expert Incubating Program (GTEP) participated in the Shanghai International Sports Equipment Expo and the Beijing K-Style Fair 2016. Students prepare...  [2016-08-29]

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