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The 131 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Min-young (Freshman, Faculty of Police Sciences)Kim Eun-byul (Freshman, College of Natural Sciences)Seo Eun-ji (Senior, Major in Police Administration)  [2008-12-01]
No. 131 Puzzle
[ACROSS]2. The state of being allowed to do what you want to do.3. An informal name for someone or something.4. A situation in which something is affected by serious problems.7. Many students want to ...  [2008-11-03]
The 130 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Mi-kyeong (Freshman, Faculty of Police Sciences)Hong Su-jeong (Senior, Dept. of Biology)Kim Sang-in (Freshman, Major in Microsoft Information Technology)  [2008-11-03]
No. 130 Puzzle
[ACROSS]2. If you refer to the _____ of something, you mean all of it3. The _______ of a word, expression, or gesture is the thing or idea that it refers to or represents5. A _______ is a vehicle with...  [2008-09-08]
The 129 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Jeon Ji-hye(Freshman, Faculty of Media and Visual Communication)Ye Byeong-un(Sophomore, Department of Energy and Environmental Science)  [2008-09-08]
No. 129 Puzzle
[ACROSS]3. Keimyung University has many ________ student programs.8. 2008 summer ________ begins on June 24.10. He could be a great musician. He has a lot of ______.11. Many people visit a ______ on B...  [2008-06-09]
The 128 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kwon Eun-hwa (Junior, Dept. of Social Welfare)Kim Jung-hee (Junior, Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.)  [2008-06-09]
The 127 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Mun Ra-young (Senior, Department of Tourism Mangement)Kim Dae-ha (Junior, Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering)  [2008-04-28]
No. 128 Puzzle
[Across]1. Amazing Grace shows how _______ and patient minds can change the world.5. Jinhae was already filled with the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms and many people were enjoying the beautiful _...  [2008-04-28]
The 126 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Seo Mi-Young(Senior, English Lang. & Lit.)Kim Seok-in(Senior, Department of Accounting)Ahn Yu-kyung(Sophomore, Department of Accounting)  [2008-03-31]
No. 127 Puzzle
★Across★① The general reading room will introduce a system to _______ proxies from keeping a seat.② Many students want to their ____________ English.⑤ Most of the _______s for concerts or exhibit...  [2008-03-31]
The 125 Issue's Answer
No. 126 Puzzle
★Across★① If Korean ghosts take their ○○○○○○○, they can ascend to heaven. ③ Many ○○○○○○○○○ in Taean worry about compensation. ⑥ Where there’s a will, there’s a ○○○. ⑦ The fo...  [2008-02-27]
No. 125 Puzzle
★Across★① Organizations, such as television, radio, and newspapers, that provide news and information for the public.③ Living together as husband and wife, usually without being married.⑤ Some pe...  [2007-11-27]
The 124 Issue's Answer
No. 124 Puzzle
★Across★ ② ○○○○○○ art is famous for various and shocking performances and works. ③ To enhance the ○○○○○○○○○○○○ among Keimyung people and to share feelings smoothly, two campaigns...  [2007-08-21]
The 123 Issue's Answer
No. 123 Puzzle
★Across★① A □□□□□□ is a building where people go to receive medical advice or treatment. ③ □□□□□ is the area beyond the Earth's atmosphere, where the stars and planets are.④ A □□□□...  [2007-03-05]
The 122 Issue's Answer
No. 122 Puzzle
★Across★③ A ○○○○○ is a narrow beam of concentrated light produced by a special machine. It is used for cutting very hard materials, and in many technical fields such as surgery and telecommuni...  [2006-11-27]

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