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Send your answers to "Submit Your Contribution." The Gazette staff will offer a gift certificate to the winners, who will be notified by "KMG Notice."  

184th Gazette's Puzzle AnswerCongratulations! The Gazette choose two persons to receive a gift as they solved the last puzzle correctly.Lee * won (Major in Advertising and Public Relations)Ryu * young...  [2017-10-16]
Great Photo
This section will be changed from Puzzle to Great Photos in No. 175. Show off your photography skills and receive a small gift if your photo is chosen. We will provide a photo subject for each issue a...  [2016-03-08]
No. 173 Issue's Answer
CongratulationsChoi Gi-woon(Freshman, Dept. of Computer Engineering)Lee Gyu-lim(Sophomore, Dept. of Journalism & Visual Communication)Choi Yeon-jeong(Sophomore, Dept. of Polictcs Science and Doplomacy...  [2016-01-03]
No. 174 Puzzle
Across1. prospect: the possibility that something will happen2. venue: a place where an organized meeting, concert or activity takes place3. generate: to produce or cause something4. drastic: extreme ...  [2016-01-03]
No. 173 Puzzle
Across1. efficient: work well without wasting time, money, or energy2. spirit: the part of someone that you cannot see, that consists of the qualities that make up their character3. against: word used...  [2015-10-12]
No. 172 Isuue's Answer
CongratulationsJang Ju-wook (Freshman, Dept. of Computer Engineering)Kim Hye-ji (Freshman, Dept. of Mathematics)Roh So-Jung (Sophomore, Dept. of Nursing)  [2015-10-12]
No. 171 Isuue's Answer
CongratulationsKim Gyu-seok (Sophomore, Dept. of Philosophy & Ethics)Lee Huk-jin (Freshman, Dept. of Computer Engineering)Kim Ji-hyun (Sophomore, Dept. of Chemistry)  [2015-09-02]
No. 172 Puzzle
Across1. a railway system that uses a single rail, usually high above the ground2. to travel around an area in order to find out about it3. the basic idea that a plan or system is based on4. something...  [2015-08-31]
No.171 Puzzle
Across1. the legal ending of a marriage 2. someone who has been sent to a foreign country to teach people about Christianity and persuade them to become Christians3. completely crazy, often in a way t...  [2015-05-31]
No. 169 Issue's Answer
CongratulationsPark Tae-jin(Freshmen, Dept. of Chemical Engineering)Chae Su-ho(Sophomore, Dept. of E-Trade)Lee Eun-ji(Sophomore, Dept. of Public Health)  [2015-04-13]
No.170 Puzzle
Across1. not useful or effective in any way 2. a chance to do something or an occasion when it is easy for you to do something3. sadness that you feel about something, especially because you wish it h...  [2015-04-13]
No 168 Issue's Answer
CongratulaionsPark Seon-hye(Sophomore, Daegu Catholic University)Park Yu-jin(Sophmore, Kyungbook National University)Choi Myong-suk(Sophmore, Dept. of Chemicl Engineering)  [2015-03-03]
No. 169Puzzle
Across1. a building where people are kept as a punishment for a crime, or while they are waiting to go to court for their trial 2. your name written in the way you usually write it, for example at the...  [2015-03-03]
No. 168 Puzzle
Across1. a flat surface in a theater, on a television, or on a computer on which pictures or words are shown 2. the condition of having very little or no money3. a statement that something is wrong or...  [2014-12-08]
No.167 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Park Tae-jin (Freshmen, Dept. of Chemicall Engineering)Jung Eui-han (Kyungpook National University)Jin Dong-ju (Freshmen, Keimyung College University)  [2014-12-08]
No. 167 Puzzle
Across1. a very large animal that lives in the sea and looks like a fish, but is actually a mammal2. opportunity or possibility3. political freedom from control by the government of another country4. ...  [2014-10-14]
No. 166 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Hwang Hae-ryung (Freshmen, Dept. of psychology)Lee Ju-eon (Kyungpook National University)Jang Won-jin (Daegu Haany University)  [2014-10-14]
No. 166 Puzzle
Across1. machines and equipment developed from modern knowledge about science and computers2. what you earn by working and can use to buy things3. a specific thing that you are trying to achieve, such...  [2014-09-11]
No. 165 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Lee Sang bin(senior, Dept, of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering)Park Sang uk(senior, Dept, of Business Administration)Im Da Hye(senior, Dept, of Mathematics)  [2014-09-11]
No. 165 Puzzle
ACROSS1. the mass of salt water on the earth's surface 2. the power of persons or things to affect the actions, behavior or, opinions, etc., of others3. the pointed top of a mountain or ridge4. a pe...  [2014-06-02]

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