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No. 164 Puzzle
Across1. foot bath treatment2. a light, open-air building used for shelter, concerts, exhibits, etc., usually in a park or fair3. to withhold or deny consent to do, enter into or upon; refuse.4. movin...  [2014-04-16]
No. 163 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Tae-hee (Senior, Dept. of Business Administration)Kang Hye-min (Junior, Dept. of Hotel and Tourism)Choi Ji-won (Junior, Dept. of Hotel and Tourism)  [2014-04-16]
No. 163 Puzzle
Across1.an idea, a feeling or an opinion that you get about somebody or something.2.a planned piece of work that is designed to find information about something new or to improve something3.the partic...  [2014-03-03]
No. 162 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Bo-kyung (Sophomore, dept. of English Language and Literature)Yim U-rim (Sophomore, dept. of Advertising and Public Relations)Jang Hye-jin (Sophomore, dept. of Library and Informat...  [2014-03-03]
No. 162 Puzzle
Across1.existing together in harmony2.a narrow street with walls on both sides3.examine and note the similarities or differences of things4.burst outward loudly and forcefully5.the state of having lit...  [2013-12-19]
No. 160 Puzzle
Across1.the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you.2.people receive information and entertainment from it: television, radio, newspapers and the internet.3.the act of stopping so...  [2013-09-03]
No. 159 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Park So-hyeon (Freshman, dept. of Nursing)Ha Sang-hee (Freshman, dept. of Traditional Architecture )Jang Hye-jin (Freshman, dept. of Library and Information science)  [2013-09-03]
No. 159 Puzzle
Across1.1.to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem that has been preventing you from achieving something.2.to have or use something at the same time as somebody else.3.a series of images, e...  [2013-06-03]
No. 158 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Bok So-hee (Freshman, Dept. of Nursing)Jang Hye-jin (FreshMan, Dept. of Library and Information Science)Kim Ji-soo (2nd grade, Wonhwa Middle School)  [2013-06-03]
No. 157 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Lee Jeong-hyeon (Senior, Dept. of Computer Engineering)Choi Kyung-yeon (Freshman, Dept. of Law)Moon Joon-hwan (1st grade, Dong-ah Meister High School)  [2013-05-06]
No. 158 Puzzle
Across1. someone’s female child2. to remain in a place 3. lasting a long time4. the color of blood5. not choosing a side in an argument or disagreement6. not real, but produced from pictures in one’...  [2013-05-06]
No. 156 Issue's Answer
Congratulations! Jung Eun-bee(Senior, Dept. of Japanese Studies)Choi Mi-ran (Sophomore, Dept. of American Studies)Jung Jin-uk (Freshman, Inje University)  [2013-03-07]
No. 157 Puzzle
Across 1. in addition2. relating to all the people of a country3. strange or bizarre4. having great value5. opposite of amateur6. a piece of music often with words Down 1. at a short distance from som...  [2013-03-07]
No. 155 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!You Won-hee (Hanyang University) Kim Hyun-ji (Junior, Dept. of English Lang & Lit.) Yoon Gyu-hye (Junior, Dept. of English Lang & Lit.)  [2012-12-03]
No. 156 Puzzle
Across1. work without being paid for it2. words are printed in them 3. The chairman cast ____. 4. pessimistic5. The ____ put on his gold crown.6. below the surface of the groundDown1. The ____ of law ...  [2012-12-03]
No. 152 Puzzle
Across1. Valentine's day is a special _____ for couples.2. Open the window and let the _____ air in the room.3. She is an ____ child in her family, so, she feels lonely sometimes.4. My grandfather lik...  [2012-05-17]
No. 151 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Ji-young (Senior, Dept. of Chinese Lang. & Lit.) Jeon Young-ha (Junior, Dept. of Business Administraion)Kim Hyun-Ji (Senior, Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.)  [2012-05-17]
No. 151 Puzzle
[ACROSS]1. It is a soft, orange fruit that looks rather like a large tomato.3. It is a bird that is raised on a farm for its eggs and for its meat. 5. In the movie Rocky Balboa, Rocky is a retired ___...  [2012-03-06]
The 150 Issue's Answer
Congratulations!Kim Hye-young (Junior, Dept. of Police Administration) Hong Han-na (Sophomore, Dept. of Dance)Jung Shin-hye (Junior. Dep. of English Lang. & Lit.)  [2012-03-06]
No.150 Puzzle
[Across]1) A _____ is an imaginary series of events that you experience in your mind while you are asleep. 3) The ___ of something is its highest point or part. 4) Have you ____ seen this movie?6) A _...  [2011-12-06]

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