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Biseul Mountain Azalea Festival
Location : Biseul Mountain national recreation forest whole areaAddress : 230, Hyuyangnim-ro, Yuga-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun, DaeguDate : 2017.04.22. (Sat.) ~ 2017.04.30. (Sun.)Do you like hiking? If so, I ...  [2017-04-17]
The 20th Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival
Location : Ganggu Port surroundingsDates : March 23 (Tur.) - March 26 (Sun.), 2017Yeongdeok hosts an annual Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival every March that celebrates local snow crabs, that are famous f...  [2017-02-27]
●Director: Sue Vertue, Beryl Vertue ●Genre: Crime●Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman●Running Time: 90 mins each episodeSherlock Holmes, famous around the world, is the Scottish novelis...  [2016-10-17]
Andong Mask Dance Festival
Address: 239 Yuksa-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-doLocation: Mask Dance Park, Hahoe VillageDates: September 30 (Fri.) - October 9 (Sun.)The Andong Mask Dance Festival is held every year in Andong, whic...  [2016-08-29]
Yeonggwang to Host Sea Salt and Mud Flat Festival
Are you looking for a unique experience? Go for a summer festival experience! I’ve picked a hot place for you to go: Yeonggwang Sea Salt and Mud Flat Festival. Every summer there is an event held to ...  [2016-06-08]
Daegu Yangyeongsi Herbal Medicine Culture Festival
The Daegu Yangyeongsi Market has been an international market for herbal medicines from China, Russia, Europe, and other regions for 350 years. The Herbal Medicine Culture Festival shows medicinal her...  [2016-04-11]
The Last Empress
Period: December 19 - 30Place: Keimyung Art CenterRunning Time: 150 minutesThe musical The Last Empress will be performed at the Keimyung Art Center from December 19-30. This year, The Last Empress ce...  [2015-12-07]
Yinka Shonibare MBE: Wilderness into a Garden
Period: May 30 ~ Oct. 18Place: Daegu Art MuseumArtist: Yinka Shonibre MBEPrice: 5000 won for adult Yinka Shonibare’s art works were exhibited at Daegu Art Museum from May 30 to October 18. Yinka Shon...  [2015-10-12]
The Fifth Daegu Coffee and Cafe Exposition
Place: Daegu EXCODates: October 8 - 11Time: 10:00 - 18:00Price: 8000 won, free if reserved onlineThe Fifth Daegu Coffee and Cafe Exposition will be held in October at EXCO. This is held in Daegu, the ...  [2015-09-02]
2015 Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival
Place: Around Duryu ParkDates: July 22 – July 26The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival, held in July, is one of the representative events in Daegu. You can taste different kinds of chicken and beer...  [2015-06-01]
Pulitzer Prize Photograph Exhibition
·Period: Feb. 27 - March 16·Place: Daegu Culture and Arts Center·Time: 10:00 ~ 20:00On the first floor, 234 undisclosed pieces from 2010 are exhibited as well as stories related to the pictures and...  [2015-04-13]
The Garden of Morning Calm
·Date: 2014.12.05 (Fri) ~ 2015.03.15 (Sun)·Place: Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun, Sang-myun, Soomokwon-ro 432.A new school term has started. Spring is coming. To better enjoy this wonderful season, the G...  [2015-03-03]
Iksan Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival
·Date: 2014.10.24 (Fri) ~ 2014.11.02 (Sun)·Place: Agriculture Development Center Eoyang-dong, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do.·Theme: Iksan Chrysanthemum Festival with Dreams and Happiness.Summer is gone an...  [2014-11-12]
The 16th Suncheon Bay Reeds Festival
·Dates: 10/17(Fri)-10/19(Sun)·place: Suncheon Bay Garden, Suncheon Bay.·Theme: Close your eyes. Open your ears. Be the one.·Slogan: Sound of nature, singing of reeds.The 16th Suncheon Bay Reeds Fe...  [2014-11-12]
2014 Brazil World Cup
The World Cup is held every four years. Now just a few days are left. On June 12, the World Cup will begin in Brazil. However, because of some serious problems in Brazil, some people question whether ...  [2014-06-02]
Boryeong Mud Festival
· Schedule: 2014, 7/18 – 7/27· Place: Daecheon Beach· Topic: Fun in the Mud with People from all over the World.· Slogan: Dip into Mud! Roll on! And Have Fun!In 1996, 16 cosmetics were made ...  [2014-06-02]
2014 Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicinal Herb Festival
‧ Dates: May 2, 2014 ~ May 6, 2014‧ Place: Yangnyeongsi, Jung-gu, DaeguDaegu Yangnyeongsi Festival has been an annual festival since 1658, except during the period of Japanese occupation. ...  [2014-04-16]
The Art Player
·Period: 2013/12/7 – 2014/3/16·Place: Hangaram Art Museum in the Seoul Arts Center·Pee: Adult 12,000 won, Youth 10,000 won, Child 8000 won Hyundai Card Culture Project is a cultural marketing...  [2014-03-04]
Animamix Biennale 2013-2014
Period: 2013. 11. 23 - 2014. 2. 16Place: Umi Hall and Gallery 1 in the Daegu Art Museum Exhibition fields: Installation art, painting, picture, videoThis is the 4th Animamix Biennale, and it is differ...  [2013-12-11]
2013 Gwangju Design Biennale
Date: September 6, 2013 ~ November 3, 2013 (Open Everyday)Place: Gwangju Biennale HallTheme: Gusigi, Musigi (Anything, Something)Fee: Adult 7,000 won: Youth 4,000 won Established by the Gwangju Metrop...  [2013-10-18]

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