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2014 Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicinal Herb Festival
‧ Dates: May 2, 2014 ~ May 6, 2014‧ Place: Yangnyeongsi, Jung-gu, DaeguDaegu Yangnyeongsi Festival has been an annual festival since 1658, except during the period of Japanese occupation. ...  [2014-04-16]
The Art Player
·Period: 2013/12/7 – 2014/3/16·Place: Hangaram Art Museum in the Seoul Arts Center·Pee: Adult 12,000 won, Youth 10,000 won, Child 8000 won Hyundai Card Culture Project is a cultural marketing...  [2014-03-04]
Animamix Biennale 2013-2014
Period: 2013. 11. 23 - 2014. 2. 16Place: Umi Hall and Gallery 1 in the Daegu Art Museum Exhibition fields: Installation art, painting, picture, videoThis is the 4th Animamix Biennale, and it is differ...  [2013-12-11]
2013 Gwangju Design Biennale
Date: September 6, 2013 ~ November 3, 2013 (Open Everyday)Place: Gwangju Biennale HallTheme: Gusigi, Musigi (Anything, Something)Fee: Adult 7,000 won: Youth 4,000 won Established by the Gwangju Metrop...  [2013-10-18]
Love Life while Walking Overnight
Date: Sept.7 - 8, 18:00 - 06:00Place: Daegu Stadium, East Square Course: 10km, 33kmEntry Fee: 10km - 10,000 won, 33km - 15,000 wonSouvenir: T-shirtsApplication: http://daegu.walkingovernight.com/These...  [2013-09-02]
The 4th Annual Daegu Flower Show
Date: June 5 - June 9, 10:00 AM - 06:00 PMPlace: Daegu EXCO 1st floorSubject: Healing with FlowersFee: Adults 6,000 won, Students 5,000 wonThe Fourth Annual Daegu Flower Show is hosted by Daegu and or...  [2013-06-04]
National Geographic’s Photo Exhibition
When: March 22 (Fri) ~ June 30 (Sun), 2013Time: Weekdays 09:00AM ~ 6:00PM / Weekends ~ 7:00PM (extended time)Closed Mondays (enter 1 hour before closing time)Where: Daegu National MuseumPrice: Adults ...  [2013-05-08]
2013 World Baseball Classic (WBC)
· Date: March 2 - March 20· Relay: JTBC The World Baseball Classis (WBC) is an international baseball contest with players from professional teams representing each country, unlike Olympic baseball ...  [2013-03-07]
Beomeo Underground Street
*Beomeo Art-street Unoccupied stores in the Beomeo underground shopping area in Suseong-gu have changed into cultural and artistic places. You can see local artists' works and easily experience cultur...  [2012-12-05]
Daegu International Opera Festival
When: October 12 - November 10, 2012 (30days)Where: Daegu Opera House, Suseung Artpia, Turkey Aspendos Amphitheater, etc.Performances: 11 countries, 13 teams, 18 plays, 28 timesPrice: varies depending...  [2012-10-18]
2012 Daegu Photo Biennale
Date: September 20 - October 28Place: Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Bongsan Cultural Center and other locations in the downtown area 2012 Daegu Photo Biennale, which has been held for four years, will ...  [2012-09-05]
2012 London Olympics
From July 17 to August 12 the 30th Summer Olympics will be held in London in the United Kingdom (the UK). For a successful Olympic Games, the UK, the first nation to holds the Olympics three times, is...  [2012-06-11]
Table Manners in Italy and France
There is saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This means that if you go to other countries, you have to respect and follow their traditions. Nowadays, people go abroad very often, so we have ...  [2012-05-22]
Top Three Carnivals
As traveling becomes popular, there are many people who want to experience something special on a trip. They want to look into a country, know about it, and experience as much as they can. To satisfy ...  [2012-03-06]
Daegu City Tour
How much do you know about Daegu? Have you ever been to any tourist attractions in Daegu? Unless you have already been, let’s go around Daegu by City Tour Bus.1. City Tour- The Daegu City Tour, made ...  [2011-12-06]
Oeguyujanggak Uigwe
Recently, the Oeguyujanggak Uigwe (a collection of ancient royal books) was returned from France. The Korean government has negotiated with France for 20 years for its return. 1. What is the Uigwe?The...  [2011-11-07]
Do the Raggay
Did you listen to the blues songs that I introduced in the Art & Culture section of the 147th issue? I hope that those songs were able to kick your blues away. This time, I am introducing some Reggae ...  [2011-09-05]
Let the Blues Kick the Blues out!
Do you have any means to overcome your blues? I think everyone has their own personal ways. One way is to listen to music. Music is loved by people all over the world and is regarded as an official la...  [2011-06-07]
Coffee? Coffee!
1. Kenya Arabica - ‘The best coffee’It has an intense scent and a rich taste.It provides a great taste whether it is hot or coldIt has a piquant and sour taste and a full, fruity flavor. 2. Colombia...  [2011-05-11]
Keimyung Art Center Performance Schedule
Daegu Symphony Orchestra’s 374th Performance•Date: 2011.3.25 (19:30)•Enquiries: (053) 606-6341•Genre: Orchestral•Admission: School children admitted (Preschool children not ad...  [2011-03-15]

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