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Precious Memory in Japan
When I applied for the exchange student program, I really wanted to go to Japan, especially Tokyo, because Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Therefore, I hoped to know Japanese, Japanese culture and...  [2014-04-15]
The Place I Spent a Year
Every single day I spent at Keimyung University was amazing. Starting a new life somewhere unknown is always exciting. My new life in Keimyung University started with excitement and anxiety, and it en...  [2014-03-04]
The Keimyung Experience from a Belizean Perspective
My name is Gilroy Middleton, and I am a Belizean fulltime marketing major student in the Ph.D. program of the Business Administration Department. I would like to commence this piece by saying "Thank y...  [2013-09-02]
Working Holiday!
Four months have already passed since I came back to Korea. I cannot forget my life and memories in Japan, for it was the first time I lived on my own. Through this article, I would like to give some ...  [2013-06-03]
Studying Abroad – Park Ave. Armory
After having an orientation with the sponsor in charge of the students in the Work, English, Study program in New York, I started to study at the City University of New York at the beginning of Septem...  [2013-03-05]
Challenge Yourself!
After finishing military service, I had concern about my future life. I didn’t know what I should do for that. I wasn’t good at reading, listening, writing and speaking English even though my major ...  [2012-06-11]
Small American Society in Korea
Because my major is American Studies, I knew about this internship program working for the US Army in Korea. I thought it would give me not only a good experience but also improve my English ability i...  [2012-03-06]
The Happiest Moment of My Life
I was very frustrated when I entered the University and tried to do something besides school work. However, I found a poster about a cultural exchange program called “Au Pair” on campus. At that tim...  [2011-12-06]
Another University in KMU
Have you ever heard about KELI? Some of you have not. Others may know it’s the dormitory where students study English. KELI is short for Keimyung English Language Institute and it’s a program which ...  [2011-11-07]
Global Career School
From June 26 to July 2, I visited Hong Kong, Macao, and China through the Global Career School program. Global Career School is a specialized job preparing education program and I highly recommend thi...  [2011-09-06]
The Keimyung Experience from an American
The best way I can think to start an article like this is to simply say “Thank you” to Keimyung University – to the students, to the teachers, to the friends I’ve made, the people I’ve rando...  [2011-06-07]
Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii
For a very long time, I hoped to experience travel to different countries. I wanted to learn other languages and cultures and to have an opportunity to share Korean culture with people from other plac...  [2011-05-10]
An Eye-opening Experience
A volunteering experience that really impacted my life was Keimyung University’s Global Volunteer Program. I can still remember the day when I found out that I was one of those qualified students hea...  [2011-03-15]
Visiting Overseas Cultures
When I got a phone call from my friend saying I passed the exam for traveling abroad, my heartbeat increased and I felt as if I already were in a foreign country, walking down the Champs Elysees side ...  [2010-12-06]
My Aussie Adventure
From July 13 to August 24, I went to Australia to study English through the SAP program. The SAP program supports students financially to acquire a cosmopolitan outlook by improving our ability in for...  [2010-11-08]
хайртай (I Love) Mongolia
From July 10 to July 22, I visited Mongolia through the Keimyung University volunteer program. During this period, I got many chances to show my ability as well as to see spectacular landscapes. In or...  [2010-09-13]
Tek Velkommen til Norway(Welcome to Norway)
Norway is located on the far left of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Maybe Koreans are not familiar with Norway. Before going to Norway, I did not know anything about Norway. Actually, Norway was so unfam...  [2010-06-07]
Challenge in Kemmy!
“G’day mate! (Good day mate!).” It means “hello” in Australian. You can use it between close friends. I had a great chance of staying in Australia for three weeks in January as I had won the firs...  [2010-05-03]
Unforgettable Days in Beijing
Last year, I stayed in CLIK (Chinese Language Institute of Keimyung University) House, which is a specialized scholarship dormitory in Myunggyo Residential Complex, to study Chinese every morning and ...  [2010-04-07]
Finland, My Second Home
I’m pretty sure that most Koreans know the word hyvaa hyvaa, which means “good” in Finnish. Yes, it’s from the TV advertisement for Xylitol gum. The ad says, “Finnish people chew Xylitol gum befo...  [2009-12-07]

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