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The Musical Hero
●Director: Yoon Ho-jin●Genre: Korean creative musical●Starring: Jung Sung-hwa, Lee Ji-hoon, Ahn Jae-yook●Running time: 160 minutes with one 20minutes intermissionAt this point of the time, when hi...  [2017-06-07]
The Courage to Be Disliked
●Written by Ichiro Kishmi,Fumitake Koga●Genre:Self-development book●Published in November 2014●336 pages“The Courage to Be Disliked” is a famous book that occupied best seller for a very long ti...  [2017-06-07]
Your name.
Written by Shinkai makotoGenre : RomancePublished in January 2017296pagesDid you watch a movie called ‘Your Name’? The Japanese animation movie, ‘Your Name’ released in the early of this year and ...  [2017-04-17]
The Pahntom of the Opera
●Director: Andrew Lloyd Webber●Genre: Musical●Starring: James Barbour, Ali Ewoldt, Kyle Barisich●Running time: 150 minutes with one 15minutes intermission.The musical the Phantom of the Opera is b...  [2017-04-17]
●Director: Park Jung-woo●Genre: Drama & Thriller●Starring: Kim Nam-gil, Kim Ju-hyeon, Chung Jin-yeong etc.●Running Time: 136 minutesPandora, which is a Korean movie, premiered last December 7th, 2...  [2017-02-27]
Director: Tate Taylor Genre: Drama Starring: Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer Running time: 146min Koreans have a better attitude towards white people than black people. But because the world ...  [2016-09-06]
Betrayal of Perfection
●Author: Raphael M.Bonelli●Genre: Humanities●Published: 2016●Length: 328 pagesRecently our lives have become impoverished by not only economic problems but also inner troubles. We always focus on ...  [2016-08-29]
Keimyung University Festival
From May 10 to 12, a festival called Bisa Daedong Festival was held at Keimyung University. The festival was held at the small field until 11 P.M. KMU students should have been satisfied with the fest...  [2016-08-29]
Wide and Slight Data of Cerebral Conversations
●Author: Chae Sa-jang●Genre: Humanities●Published: 2015●Length: 376 pagesIn the 21st century, we can easily get information. If we want to get some information, we can easily find it with a smart ...  [2016-06-07]
Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet, 2015
Director: Lee Joon-ikGenre: DramaStarring: Kang Ha-neul, Park Jung-minRunningtime: 110 mins Korean poet Yoon Dong-ju(1917-1945) became known as one of the most renowned Korean poets during the Japanes...  [2016-06-07]
●Author: Adam Grant ●Genre: Economy/Management●Published: 2016●Lenght: 463 pagesWhen you hear the word “leader,” what do you imagine? In my case, a leader is an inviolable human, so I thought he...  [2016-04-11]
Spirits' Homecoming
Director: Cho Jung-raeGenre: DramaStarring: Kang Ha-na, Choi RiRunning time: 127 minThis movie is for all the young girls who really missed the comfort of their mothers’ arms when they were in hellis...  [2016-04-11]
When I Was the Most Beautiful
●Written by Gokoroya Jin noseuke●Genre: Non fiction●Published 2015●Lenght:204 pagesI had become a sensitive woman because of a separation of dream and reality, tiredness of human relations, and st...  [2016-03-09]
Director:Nancy MeyersGenre:ComedyStarring:Anne Hathaway,Robert De NiroRunning time:121minMany jobs exist in the world we live in. However, in modern society, people around the world have a hard time g...  [2015-12-07]
Director: Jon Favreau Genre: Comedy Starring: Jon Favreau Running time:114 minThis year’s popular trends are probably chefs and cooking. There are a lot of star chefs and up-and-coming chefs in the s...  [2015-10-28]
Director: Paul FeigGenre: Action,ComedyStarring: Jude Law, Jason StathamRunning Time: 120minWhat do you imagine when you think about spys? We usually think about thrilling stories like the James Bond ...  [2015-09-02]
The Giver
Written by Lois LowryGenre: SF novelPuplished: 2014Length : 256 pages What happens if our society regulates the rules and words used to express feelings? Perhaps everyday is boring or people may be up...  [2015-10-12]
The Line of a Poem to Move Me
Editor: Jung Jae-sukGenre: poetryPublished: 2015Length: 244pages A new book,The Line of a Poem to Move Me is a series of poems published in a section of the Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper’s opinion page ca...  [2015-09-02]
To Life
Directed by Jean-Jacques ZilbermannGenre: Drama, Historical, ActionStarring: Julie DepardieuRunning time: 104min “Real friends are the ones who go through thick and thin” is a saying that is partial...  [2015-06-03]
Praying for Strangers
Written by River JordanGenre: Nonfiction, MemoirPublished: 2012Length: 352 pagesRecently in the news, people are not interested in their neighbors because of their busy, daily lives. The death of an e...  [2015-06-01]

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