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Letters from Readers
New discovery for me, the GazetteHi, I’m glad to meet you through this newspaper. I’m Yoon Kyung-hwan, a sophomore majoring in Police administration at this university. I’m just one of the students...  [2010-12-06]
Letters from Readers
The Gazette which satisfy my desires!Glad to meet you, Gazette! I'm Huh Da-young, a freshman majoring in International Commerce at Keimyung university.Frankly, I held a prejudice towards the Gazette i...  [2010-11-08]
Letters from Readers
Pride and Prejudice A few years ago there was a movie titled ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ It was a love story. During the movie, two people misunderstood each other because of their prejudices. However, a...  [2010-09-13]
Letters from Readers
The Keimyung Gazette is so nice!Hello. My name is Ahn Hae-soo. I am a 2nd year undergraduate student majoring in police administration at Keimyung Univerisity. As the Keimyung Gazette – the Engl...  [2010-05-03]
Letters from Readers
The Greatest Gazette We, students of Keimyung University, read university newspapers to get some news about our school. Campus newspapers put a lot of information and the latest school news and help s...  [2010-03-02]
Keimyung Voices
◆ Freshmen ◆• Han Eun-jung• freshman• Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.Hi, everyone. I am Han Eun-jung, a freshman of the Department of English Language & Literature. I think universit...  [2010-03-02]
Letters from Readers
Exchange Student from Finland I had been studying for over two months in Keimyung University before I heard about the Keimyung Gazette. For me it was a surprise that the university publishes a newspap...  [2009-12-07]
Letters from Readers
Hello, the GazetteFirst of all, I want to say thanks to the Gazette because the Gazette always provides new information and various news to me. When I first read the Gazette, I felt the English in the...  [2009-11-02]
Letters from Readers
After reading the GazetteI think it was a very good chance to get to know the Gazette newspaper, because it contains various new information relating to campus life and the contents are very interesti...  [2009-08-31]
Letters from Readers
Benefits of the Gazette When I first found out about the newspaper 3 years ago, I thought that Keimyung Universitiy was doing a fine job ensuring students are well exposed to English. Also, it gave me...  [2009-06-08]
Letters from Readers
Advice for the GazetteWhen I studied at Daemyeong Campus, I contacted the Gazette for the first time. I used to read the Gazette as I am always wondering what is happening on Seongseo Campus, and I go...  [2009-04-27]
Letters from Readers
My First Time Reading the GazetteHello to the readers of the Keimyung Gazette! Actually, this is the first time I've read the Gazette. However, I was so fascinated with the Gazette, and so I decided t...  [2009-03-02]
Letters from Readers
My Personal View of the GazetteHello, my name is Lee Sang-wook. I'm a junior student in the Department of American Studies. I'm really happy that my article can be included in the Gazette. I sometimes...  [2008-12-01]
Letters from Readers
Advice for the GazetteHello. I have been interested in the Gazette for several years. Actually, I can get a lot of information from the Gazette. The Gazette is a vital element of a top international u...  [2008-11-03]
Letters from Readers
Whenever I read the Gazette, I feel the Gazette always pays careful attention to the voices of Keimyung students. In the case of the changed newspaper version of the Gazette, I think it is from the Ga...  [2008-09-08]
Letters from Readers
It’s been a long time since I read the Keimyung Gazette. The Gazette was the first English magazine which I read at university. Therefore, it has very special meaning to me. The first Gazette I read ...  [2008-02-28]
Hope for the President
On December 19 2007, Lee Myung-bak was elected the 17th president of South Korea. President Lee was elected with 50.2% support. This was much higher than the other presidential nominees. The Gazette a...  [2008-02-27]
Letters from Readers
I was glad to find more good reading in the Gazette, and now I am one of those who looks forward to the next issue. It takes a lot of time for me to read the whole magazine and sometimes I pause, but ...  [2007-11-27]
What Is Real Courage?
The 4th Educational Broadcasting System International Documentary Festival was held from August 27 to September 2. I was honored to be selected as a special judge to watch, review, and rate twelve doc...  [2007-11-28]
Bristol, VA/TN : A Good Place to Live
Hello, my name is Jennifer Moore and I am from Bristol, Virginia, USA. Bristol is unique in the fact that it is located two different states, Virginia and Tennessee. The picture of the Bristol city si...  [2007-10-17]

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