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Heating and Cooling System
At the turning of the seasons, the heating and cooling systems are important for students. Keimyung controls the heating and cooling systems in the classroom through a centralized control system. Beca...  [2016-12-05]
University Dormitory Foodservice
Approximately 2,500 students of various nationalities live in dormitories at Keimyung University and eat meals in the one cafeteria that serves them. The cafeteria that serves the dormitories is locat...  [2016-10-17]
Female Leaders
Beginning with Argentina’s first woman president Isabel Martinez , female politicians have increased around the world. Male dominance in politics is still high, but the gap is closing due to the incr...  [2016-06-07]
Artificial Intelligence
I am against artificial intelligence (AI) because AI will cause an increase in the unemployment rate. Nowadays our country has serious youth unemployment and an aging society. If AI is popularized, it...  [2016-04-11]
CCTV might possibly lead to invasion of privacy, but it ensures the security of certain places where it is installed. The more it appears in front of us, the more crime scenes can be watched and the m...  [2016-03-07]
History Education
History education in the United States changes as students grow older. But as students advance, we learn more details and that much of our nation’s history is ambiguous. We are constantly learning th...  [2015-12-07]
Refugees in Europe
It’s unnecessary to accept refugees into our country. I’m not being too serious about this problem because my basic point is that it’s perfectly fine if they get Korean citizenship. They get to be ...  [2015-10-12]
Tourist Attractions in Korea
I would like to introduce a big cave called Gwangmyong Cave. It is located in Gwangmyong in Gyonggi Province, recently famous for IKEA. I couldn’t even imagine that the cave is in the center of town....  [2015-09-02]
Specifications for Employment
In the Netherlands, after primary school (age 4-12) children go to different levels of high school depending on the results of one test and the overall score during primary school. Students are then d...  [2015-06-03]
Abolition of Adultery
Last February, the adultery law that has existed for 62 years was found unconstitutional. Accordingly, those who were charged with adultery on and after 2008 were found innocent. To be honest, I think...  [2015-04-13]
Stability of the Lotte World Tower & Lotte World Mall
People tend to worry about everything, even if they have no particular reason. Lotte World Mall is going through a difficult time because of safety matters. At first, I thought it could be another Sew...  [2015-03-03]
Operation of Reactor-1 at Gori Nuclear Power Plant
Since the terrible accident of the Sewol ferry, people have been concerned about safety a lot. The operation of Reactor-1 at the Gori Nuclear Power Plant affects peo-ple's safety. Yhere are safety peo...  [2014-10-20]
Releasing the Identities of Offenders
Disclosing information on offenders has been a long-debated issue, despite it already being compulsory for certain sex offenders’ personal information to be disclosed to the public. People who agree ...  [2014-10-15]
Prohibition of Advance Learning
Advanced learning prohibition was passed by the National Assembly. The law bans extended curriculum. For example, when instructors make examination questions, they can’t use high school curriculum wi...  [2014-04-16]
Expanded Designation of Non-smoking Area
Expanding smoke-free zones in Korea is a very important issue. I hope the smoke-free zones will be expanded. I think there are several benefits to expanding smoke-free zones, especially for nonsmokers...  [2014-03-03]
What Do You Think about Going Dutch?
Maybe going Dutch is a very sensitive issue for both men and women. Many couples are at a loss for what to do at the counter. In my case, I pay for some desserts such as coffee or drinks if my boyfrie...  [2013-12-09]
Answers from Readers
What Do You Think about Veterans Extra Point System? In Korea, only men are required to serve in the military, but every young man and woman has to serve in the army in Israel and Cuba. After 2015, wo...  [2013-10-15]
Answers from Readers
Which movie inspired you the most?When I was 16 years old, I encountered a movie entitled The Song of the Sun. I chose it because its cover was beautiful. Kaoru (Yui) is 16-year-old girl who lives in ...  [2013-09-03]
Answers from Readers
If You Had 10 Million Won, What Would You Do? If I got that money, it would be hard to not buy everything I want. So first, I will deposit half of the money in the bank. Then I will give some of the m...  [2013-08-15]
Answers from Readers
My Opinion on International Love Korea, our nation, is becoming a multi-cultural society. Foreigners from various countries marry Koreans, and the number of their kids is increasing. We can easily mee...  [2013-05-06]

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