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Prohibition of Advance Learning
Advanced learning prohibition was passed by the National Assembly. The law bans extended curriculum. For example, when instructors make examination questions, they can’t use high school curriculum wi...  [2014-04-16]
Expanded Designation of Non-smoking Area
Expanding smoke-free zones in Korea is a very important issue. I hope the smoke-free zones will be expanded. I think there are several benefits to expanding smoke-free zones, especially for nonsmokers...  [2014-03-03]
What Do You Think about Going Dutch?
Maybe going Dutch is a very sensitive issue for both men and women. Many couples are at a loss for what to do at the counter. In my case, I pay for some desserts such as coffee or drinks if my boyfrie...  [2013-12-09]
Answers from Readers
What Do You Think about Veterans Extra Point System? In Korea, only men are required to serve in the military, but every young man and woman has to serve in the army in Israel and Cuba. After 2015, wo...  [2013-10-15]
Answers from Readers
Which movie inspired you the most?When I was 16 years old, I encountered a movie entitled The Song of the Sun. I chose it because its cover was beautiful. Kaoru (Yui) is 16-year-old girl who lives in ...  [2013-09-03]
Answers from Readers
If You Had 10 Million Won, What Would You Do? If I got that money, it would be hard to not buy everything I want. So first, I will deposit half of the money in the bank. Then I will give some of the m...  [2013-08-15]
Answers from Readers
My Opinion on International Love Korea, our nation, is becoming a multi-cultural society. Foreigners from various countries marry Koreans, and the number of their kids is increasing. We can easily mee...  [2013-05-06]
Answers from Readers
The Most Impressive TravelLast year, I went to Busan with my girlfriend whose name is Kim Na-hee. The reason we went to Busan was to look at the sea and eat sashimi. In the early morning, we took a tr...  [2013-03-07]
Answers from Readers
The Most Impressive Memory This Year Joining the Flash Mob Club is one of my most memorable experiences in 2012. As usual, I was passive and quiet, but my friend convinced me to join the club. When I ...  [2012-12-04]
Answers from Readers
The things I want to do before 30 Fluency in foreign languages is what I really want to achieve to enrich my life. I think speaking a foreign language is a wonderful thing. Speaking at least five lang...  [2012-10-16]
Answers from Readers
How I Overcome Loneliness?I prefer spending most of my time alone to hanging out with friends. Sometimes, I feel lonely, though. Now, I will tell you some ways I overcome loneliness. First, I spend ti...  [2012-09-05]
Answers From Readers
What do you want to do in summer vacation?First, I want to travel to the sea with my friends. I want to drink with my friends too. Next, I want to learn how to play the guitar or piano, or some other ...  [2012-06-12]
Keimyung Voices
●Freshmen●· Kang Hye-jin· Freshman· Dept. of MicrobiologyHi, I’m Kang Hey-jin, a freshman in KMU. I’m studying microbiology. Because of entering university, an unknown world, my heart is flutte...  [2012-03-06]
Answers from Readers
How to express your love to a person who you loveIf you want to captivate her heart, you have to be appealing to her.First, you have to focus on her favorite food or what she says. And you should talk...  [2011-12-05]
Answers from Readers
What do you want to do before you die? For years I’ve been dreaming of going to Mecca. I want to go there to pray. For this purpose I will go on a trip and then I can see Allah’s miracles. I heard t...  [2011-11-09]
Letters from Readers
Hello, GazetteI think English is very difficult, so I thought an English newspaper would be very boring. However, one day I received the Keimyung Gazette from a friend. First, I thought this English n...  [2011-09-05]
Letters from Readers
Nice to meet you, the GazetteHi, I’m pleased to meet you. My name is Hye-rin Kim. I am majoring in English literature at Keimyung University. Through this letter, I want to advise you to read the Gaz...  [2011-06-07]
Letters from Readers
Hi GazetteHi Gazette, my name is Seung-soo Kim. I'm a sophomore in KMU, and my major is Journalism. That is why I'm interested in the Gazette. I know that the Gazette has a large circle of readers in ...  [2011-05-10]
Keimyung Voices
★ Freshmen ★․ Lim Seok-bin․ Freshman․ Dept. of Police Law Hi everyone! I’m Lim Seok-bin. I’m a freshman in the Dept. of Police Law. I had a dream to be a police officer. However,...  [2011-03-16]
Letters from Readers
The Gazette gave me courageHello! Nice to meet you. I’m Bae Hyun-na. This year I will be a sophomore and I am majoring in American Studies at Keimyung University. Through this corner, I will share my...  [2011-03-15]

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