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Prof. Kim Yeong-mun Publishes Business Guide Book
Professor Kim Yeong-mun from the Dept. of Management Information Systems has published a business guide book called Introduction to Venture Business.This book contains know-how, theory, and informatio...  [2015-04-13]
Park Ye-ji Accepted as Intern by UN
Park Ye-ji from KAC (Keimyung Adams College) has been accepted as an intern by the UN. She joined the 69th session of the Third Committee last October. The 3rd Committee deals with environmental, huma...  [2015-04-13]
KMU-Sri Lanka Exchange
KMU president Synn Ilhi visited Sri Lanka March 23 to 27. He had a meeting with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and signed an academic exchange agreement. They discussed scholarship and cultural e...  [2015-04-08]
Nowruz Event
On March 21, Keimyung University held a Nowruz event. Nowruz is a holiday in Central Asian countries such as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan celebrating the spring equinox. It was registered a...  [2015-04-06]
Students Receive Attention at PID
Students from the Department of Textile Design received recognition because of items that they designed and exhibited at Preview in Daegu (PID). PID is an event where all new materials are gathered wi...  [2015-03-27]
Students Selected for National Team
On March 3, 7 students from the Department of Taekwondo were selected as new members of the national team. The team was selected by 3 organizations: Kukkiwon, the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), an...  [2015-03-19]
Meals for Kids
On January 29, Keimyung University founded the Center for Children’s Foodservice Management in West Daegu and decided to help some selected facilities provide meals.The selected facilities have no di...  [2015-03-06]
Inspection Team from Ethiopia Visits Keimyung University
An inspection team from the Ministry of Industry from Ethiopia, including Minister Ahmed Abtew Assaw, visited the Fashion-Textile Design R&D Center of Keimyung University on February 27. As part of th...  [2015-03-06]
Global Trade Experts incubating Program (GTEP)
Keimyung university was again selected for the Global Trade Experts incubating Program (GTEP). GTEP is organized by the Ministry of Industry and operated by the Korea International Trade Association. ...  [2015-03-02]
KMU and Daegu Credit Guarantee Foundation
KMU formed a partnership with Daegu Credit Guarantee Foundation on February 4. Daegu Credit Guarantee Foundation is a public corporation that helps to revive the local economy by lending money to loca...  [2015-03-03]
Financial Hub in Shanghai
Keimyung University and Maeil Business Newspaper have developed the Training Course for Financiers to train experts in business and finance. 30 students from the College of Business in Keimyung Univer...  [2015-02-26]
First Prize in Design Contest
Keimyung University students majoring in design got first prize at the Spark Design Awards 2014, a world-famous design contest. It is one of the world-famous contests along with the Red Dot Design Awa...  [2015-02-26]
Confucius Academy Scholarships
Many students were selected as scholarship students by the Confucius Academy in China. This year Keimyung University produced 35 scholarship students, and KMU has produced 170 students since 2009.The ...  [2014-09-16]
The 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Foundation of Keimyu...
The 60th anniversary celebration of the foundation of Keimyung University was held on May 20. This ceremony was held in Adams Chapel and President Synn Ilhi, Lee Byeong-chan, president of the alumni a...  [2014-06-08]
The 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Foundation of Keimyu...
The 60th anniversary celebration of the foundation of Keimyung University was held on May 20. This ceremony was held in Adams Chapel and President Synn Ilhi, Lee Byeong-chan, president of the alumni a...  [2014-06-08]
Korean Culture Camp
KMU held a Korean language and culture camp on Seongseo Campus on August 4. The students came from Switzerland, Japan, and all around Europe.This camp held various programs for three weeks. There were...  [2014-09-05]
Taekwondo Demonstration Team Donation
Keimyung University taekwondo demonstration team donated ten million won to KMU. The team participated in the 2014 International Martial Arts Competition, which was held in Chungju last August. They d...  [2014-12-08]
KDIC Competition
The Green Light Team, make up of three KMU students majoring in the Department of Business Administration, won the 4th University Student Advertising Competition grand prize on December 29. The compet...  [2015-01-20]
Presentation on Voluntary Service
A presentation on K-Circle community service was held in Bauer Hall on November 21. The presentation was held by Keimyung Caritas. The presentation was about voluntary service and its outcome.11 teams...  [2015-01-21]
Shanghai Exhibition
From October 20 to 23, Keimyung University Department of Textile Design participated in the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Autumn Edition 2014, which is the one of the largest fashion fabric ex...  [2014-11-27]

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