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College of Pharmacy Graduates Passes National Pharmacist Tes...
On February 14, Keimyung University announced that the of College of Pharmacy graduates passed the 68th National Pharmacist Test this year. This the third year in a row that all of the recently gradua...  [2017-03-27]
Overseas Volunteer Activities
Keimyung University held overseas volunteer activities during the winter vacation. The volunteer activities included, remodeling a school, making a new playground for local children, and encouraging a...  [2017-03-27]
KMU Signed MOU with KECO
On Dec. 27, 2016, Keimyung University and the Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) signed an agreement to training environmental specialists at the Sungseo campus main building. Participating in the c...  [2017-03-27]
KMU Students' Hand Warmer Event
It is an issue there are college students tried to improve relations between Korea and China about a ban Korean wave in China recently. Students are from Keimyung University and are attending a China ...  [2017-02-27]
KMU Held the 2017 Daegu·Gyeongbuk Start-up Enterprise Expos...
KMU Start-up Support Center held an exposition with 30 enterprises which had achieved good results in 2016. The exposition displayed products and consulted participants in 30 booths. Booths were manag...  [2017-02-27]
Keimyung Industry-Academic Cooperation Expo
On November 20, Keimyung University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Expo was held at the AW Hotel in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Executives and employees of various companies in Daegu and KMU professor...  [2016-12-06]
Keimyung Students Criticize President Park
Choi Soon-sil is a big issue in Korea. Choi made unwarranted interventions in government. Furthermore, her daughter, Jung Yu-ra, is suspected of allegedly entering Ehwa University fraudulently. Theref...  [2016-11-28]
Fall comes to Keimyung
Fall at Keimyung. Ginkgo tree and maple tree in front of YoungAm Hall. Road bordered by Metasequoia trees.  [2016-11-24]
Special Lecture on Business and CEO Forum
On September 30, Im Jong-deok, the executive director of Pyung Hwa Holdings, delivered a special lecture at Euiyang Hall. The topic of this lecture was about Pyung Hwa Holdings and relationship betwee...  [2016-10-17]
The 3rd Keimyung Goethe Golden Bell Competition
On October 6, 2016, the 3rd Keimyung Goethe Golden Bell Competition was held at the College of Business Administration. This event was hosted by the KMU Goethe Institute and was supervised by the Depa...  [2016-10-11]
KMU Helps Flood Sufferers
On September 5, KMU Vice President Kim Young-il donated ten million won to flood sufferers in Ulleungdo. In addition, KMU promised to send volunteers to repair the flood damage if needed. President Sy...  [2016-09-22]
Chang Hye-jin Visits Keimyung
On September 8, Chang Hye-jin, a South Korean female archer, visited Keimyung University. She became a student at Keimyung University in 2006. She captured the gold medal in the women’s individual ar...  [2016-09-20]
IT Convergence Expo Korea
The 2016 IT Convergence Expo Korea was held from August 24 to 26 at EXCO in Daegu. This event showcased the products and technology of the latest information communication technology and IT convergenc...  [2016-09-07]
Keimyung Overseas Volunteering
Keimyung University did overseas volunteer activities during the summer vacation. Around 200 professors, school personnel, and students headed for Mongolia, Nepal, Cambodia, and the Philippines. They ...  [2016-08-29]
Jang Hye Jin Win in Olympics Medal
Jang Hye Jin, who graduated from KMU, won two gold medals in this Olympic games. She got gold medals in both the individual part and team competitions.She got three gold medals in the National Sports ...  [2016-08-29]
Agreement with Daegu Culture Foundation
On July 27, Keimyung University and Daegu Culture Foundation concluded an agreement at KMU Main Administration Building. This agreement was for fostering cultural and artistic projects. Synn Ilhi, pre...  [2016-08-21]
Keimyung Volunteers
From July 3 to 16, Keimyung University, Keimyung College University, and Dongsan Medical Center did volunteer work in the Philippines. The volunteer work was conducted by students, professors, and med...  [2016-08-14]
Park, Sung-cheol in KMU Wins Five Gold Medals in Korean Univ...
KMU Archery Team shows its power as ‘top of the university archery team’.The team got six gold medals such as three silver medals and three bronze medals in the 19th Korean University Archery Champi...  [2016-08-13]
KMU Archery Team to Have Shown Outstanding Success in Korean...
The KMU archery team had outstanding success in the Korean University Archery Championship on July 6. The team took six gold, three silver, and three bronze medals in the 19th Korean University Archer...  [2016-08-10]
Northeast Normal University Cultural Group Performance
On May 31, a Northeast Normal University (NENU) cultural group gave a performance at the College of Business Administration. This event was sponsored by the Confucius Institute at KMU. The group comes...  [2016-06-16]

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