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Keimyung University Festival "Byeolhaje"
From May 9th to 11th, a total of three days, the Keimyung University Festival was held. The festival is called “Byeolhaje”, a pure Korean word that means to be a shining star. It means that students...  [2018-06-04]
Scholarship Delivery Ceremony of Alumni Association
On April 30, the External Affairs Team held an Alumni Association scholarship delivery ceremony. The scholarship delivery ceremony was held in the second conference room of the Seongseo Campus main bu...  [2018-06-04]
The 5th National College Debate Championship
On May 26th, 2018, the 5th National College Debate Championship was held in Keimyung University. The debate, which marks its fifth anniversary this year, is held annually to help college students esta...  [2018-06-04]
The 119th KMU Foundation Ceremony
The 119th Foundation Day of KMU was held in Adams Chapel May18,2018, and it was attended by all school personnel. President Shin Il-Hee, the president of KMU, took part in the ceremony with a congratu...  [2018-06-04]
FTA Local Characterization Enterprise Organization’s Specia...
A special lecture from Lee Sihyung, the president of The Korea Foundation, will be held for economics and business administration students on May 15th. In The Korea Foundation, they teach what Korea i...  [2018-04-02]
The 4th AsiaㆍPacific Ocean International Chopin Piano Compe...
KMU will hold the 4th AsiaㆍPacific Ocean International Chopin Piano Competition in May 2018. The finalists will participate in the competition from May 9th to May 18th for 10 days. On May 18th, there...  [2018-04-02]
KMU - EXCO Business Agreement
On March 22nd, Keimyung University concluded their industrial-educational cooperation with EXCO for the expansion of the MICE Industry. MICE meeting, incentive, convention, events and exhibition, and ...  [2018-04-02]
Culture Academy : Myths and Tales
Hengso Museum is hosting special classes about myths and tales for 12 weeks from 13 March to 5 June. During the lectures on Tuesdays, new professors host classes on various topic. It provides opportun...  [2018-04-02]
Keimyung Volunteers in Ethiopia
Over the last several years, the Keimyung Volunteering Team has volunteered from Asia to Africa in countries such as China, Nepal, Vietnam. This year, the Keimyung Volunteering Team went to Ethiopia-L...  [2018-03-05]
KMU Sharing Communion of Humanities with ‘FUTURE OF AREA’ ...
The 4th visiting Humanities Forum was held with the regional volunteering group ‘Cheongnarae’ at KT&G Atelier on January 4th. It was conducted by the Keimyung Humanities Capability Reinforcement Bus...  [2018-03-05]
Leading The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Dongsan Library will implement Idea-Maker Space which can actualize an imaginable idea from the new semester for the first time. The expense for the new initiative will be paid by the College of Human...  [2018-03-05]
Student Counseling Center Selected as Institution of Superb
Every year, National University Student Life Counseling Center Conference has awardedthe best university counseling institutions in each of three areas: activity, counseling, andprograms. The KMU Stud...  [2018-03-05]
Education Management Forum
In The New Bauer Hall, on 23th Nov, 2017 Keimyung Pedagogy-Education and Quality Management Forum was held. This forum addresses the educational reform plan related to The Fourth Industrial Revolution...  [2017-12-04]
Tabula Rasa Seminar
The Writing Center held the Tabula Rasa Seminar on September 15, 2017. This seminar was a lecture for author, professor, that study and analyze eastern and western classics and modern masterpieces in ...  [2017-12-04]
The Awarding Ceremony of an Honorary Doctorate Degree
KMU granted an honorary Doctorate in Public Administration Science to Bakhodir Khodiev, the president of Tashkent University of Economics, at the international seminar room on November 7. President Kh...  [2017-12-04]
Management Innovation Forum for East Asia
Keimyung University held the Management Innovation Forum for East Asia on October 27th of this year. It was held at the College of Business Administration and was hosted by K-NICE, a College of Busine...  [2017-12-12]
2017 Dongsan Forum
Keimyung University held the Dongsan Forum to celebrate the 118th year of the foundation. It was held in Dong Cheon Hall on September 26th of this year. The forum was organized under the main topic of...  [2017-10-16]
Completion Ceremony for Training Plant Engineers
Keimyung University held a completion ceremony for a training program for Daegu-Gyeongbuk plant engineers on August 31st. The educational training was started at KMU by the government to develop its h...  [2017-10-16]
Exhibition of Silk Road in Hengso Museum
In Hengso Museum in KMU, the traveling exhibition of Chinese celadon and the Silk Road is opened from September 18th until November 18th. This exhibition is co-hosted with Gyeongsandbuk-do and Hanseon...  [2017-10-16]
Multicultural Society Implementing Agency
KMU announced that it was selected to join the Multicultural Society Implementation Agency, on August 25 and was awarded qualification to train multicultural society experts. A multicultural society e...  [2017-10-16]

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