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Parents Invitation Day at College of Humanities
The College of Humanities held a Parents Invitation Day on April 11 to provide a chance for parents to know what their children learn at school, visit their classes, meet professors, and get to know m...  [2014-04-23]
Photo Exhibition of Volunteering in Laos
Keimyung University volunteers held a photo exhibition documenting the 2013 volunteering in Laos at CU Gallery. In the exhibition, there were pictures of volunteering and cultural performances at Van ...  [2014-04-16]
Mungyeong Saejae Healing Camp
The Healing Food Project Team of Keimyung University held the Mungyeong Saejae Healing Camp from February 21 to 23 at Mungyeong Saejae youth hostel. This project is a part of developing a healing food...  [2014-03-03]
Collaboration between KMU and Sigongtech
On January 28, Keimyung University made an agreement to develop the Daegu culture industry with Sigongtech Co., Ltd. This agreement includes mutual exchange and use of manpower, information, equipment...  [2014-02-26]
2013 University Evaluations
In December, KMU received the 2013 University Evaluations from the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education. The University Evaluations were first implemented in 2011 to p...  [2014-02-18]
KMU Concluded Research Agreement for Fundamental Medicine
On February 7, Keimyung University’s Dongsan Hospital concluded a research agreement for fundamental medicine with the National Nano Center at National Nanofab Center (NNFC) located in Daejeon. The p...  [2014-02-17]
Spring Camp for Prospective Students
KMU held a camp for prospective students from January 13-18 at Seongseo campus. It was held for students who will enter KMU through the admission officer screening process. The total number of partici...  [2014-02-13]
KMU Wins Ad Competition
The KMU team Hot Six won the first prize at the third annual Tom N Toms advertisement competition in the section “Love Korea.” The team consisted of Kim Gyeong-ah (23, Visual Design), Ahn Ga-young (...  [2014-02-03]
KMU Assists Typhoon Victims
Recently, the Philippines was damaged by Typhoon Haiyan. On November 15, Keimyung University donated 20 million won for the typhoon victims. The donation was raised through a donation program named Ke...  [2013-12-03]
KMU Team Wins Red Dot Design Award
Jeon Young-won (senior) and Jeong Eun-ji (junior), who are students in the Department of Industrial Design, won a prize at the Red Dot Design Awards 2013. They attended the competition as the team “T...  [2013-11-26]
KMU Wins 1st Prize for Investment in Social Services
On November 5, KMU won the first prize at a contest for investment in social services in Daegu. It was supported by the Management Center for Social Service in Daegu. About 170 groups such as voluntee...  [2013-11-25]
Kim Jin-su Wins Grand Prize at Marine Environment Ad Contest
Kim Jin-su (senior), who is a student in the Department of Industrial Design in Keimyung University, won the grand prize at the 1st Marine Environment Advertisement Contest hosted by the Ministry of O...  [2013-10-29]
KMU Concludes Business Exchange Agreement with DGIST
On September 24, at the Main Administration Building, KMU concluded a business exchange agreement with DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science and Technology) to cultivate people of talent in scie...  [2013-10-07]
KMU Professors’ “Superior Academic Books”
On September 8, 4 books written by KMU professors were chosen as “2013 Superior Academic Books” by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). This project was carried out to promote research about lite...  [2013-10-01]
KMU Twin Sisters Pass ROTC Test
Twin sisters Jung Woo-kyoung and Jung Woo-min passed the female ROTC test on August 22. They wanted to be commissioned officers when they were high school students, so they applied for the Armed Force...  [2013-09-30]
Department of Theater Arts Students Awarded Gold Prize
Department of Theater Arts students won the gold prize at the First H-Art Dream Festival hosted by the Hyundai Motor Group and Korea Association of Performing Arts Products. The purpose of this contes...  [2013-09-06]
Chang Eun-ho Awarded Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition
Chang Eun-ho (29), who graduated from the Department of Composition in Keimyung University, has won the Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition hosted by the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation. He won the ...  [2013-08-20]
KMU Wins 1st and 2nd Prize at Creative Festival
Keimyung University students won the 1st and 2nd prizes at the Creative Festival held by Hyundai Department Store on July 16. This competition was held to suggest ideas for the improvement of service ...  [2013-08-20]
KMU Korean Centers Designated King Sejong Institutes
The Korean centers in Vietnam and the United States managed by KMU were designated King Sejong institutes in August. The King Sejong Institute was launched as a Korean education center for overseas Ko...  [2013-08-14]
KMU Regains Korea Business Education Certification
On May 25, KMU regained Korea Business Education Certification from the Korea Association of Business Education Accreditation. Only 30 universities, including 16 universities in the capital area, have...  [2013-08-08]

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