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2017 Dongsan Forum
Keimyung University held the Dongsan Forum to celebrate the 118th year of the foundation. It was held in Dong Cheon Hall on September 26th of this year. The forum was organized under the main topic of...  [2017-10-16]
Completion Ceremony for Training Plant Engineers
Keimyung University held a completion ceremony for a training program for Daegu-Gyeongbuk plant engineers on August 31st. The educational training was started at KMU by the government to develop its h...  [2017-10-16]
Exhibition of Silk Road in Hengso Museum
In Hengso Museum in KMU, the traveling exhibition of Chinese celadon and the Silk Road is opened from September 18th until November 18th. This exhibition is co-hosted with Gyeongsandbuk-do and Hanseon...  [2017-10-16]
Multicultural Society Implementing Agency
KMU announced that it was selected to join the Multicultural Society Implementation Agency, on August 25 and was awarded qualification to train multicultural society experts. A multicultural society e...  [2017-10-16]
Kang Young-ha Received ‘president prize’ from Korea Textil...
‘The Korea Textile Design Contest’ was held at the Korea Design Center on July 27. This contest was held to encourage the importance of textile design and to discover talented people within the fiel...  [2017-09-04]
Startup Exchange withe Amity Iniversity
Kyeimyung University concluded a start-up trade agreement with Amity university. It is part a network for students to do start-ups abroad. The local newspaper, ‘The Telegraph’, also had interest in ...  [2017-09-04]
2017 Female Engineering Week
Keimyung University held Female Engineering Week on July 18th. The event was designed to provide female students in the Daegu·Gyeong-buk region with information and a vision for majoring in science a...  [2017-09-04]
How to Stop a Baby Crying
Keimyung University announced that the students from the “Ttuksim” team were selected at the 23rd LG Global Challenger and will visit Europe to develop a new type of baby product. The team was selec...  [2017-09-04]
The Polish Film Music Concert
The Keimyung University symphony orchestra performed a Polish film music concert from May 18 to 19 in Keimyung Art Center along with the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music Symphony Orchestra.The Fryd...  [2017-06-07]
2017 Keimyung Fashion Collection
The graduation exhibition for the Department of Fashion Design at Keimyung University was designated as a local festival. It was held at the ‘2017 Fashion Collection’ on May 12 for an hour in Dongsu...  [2017-06-07]
Hengso Museum's Trace of 40 years
On May 16, 3p.m., the Hengso Museum had an opening ceremony for the special exhibition, ‘Hengso Museum’s trace of 40 years’. It is a special exhibition to celebrate the 118th anniversary of KMU. KM...  [2017-06-07]
KMU selected as 'LINC+ Project'
Keimyung University was selected for the ‘LINC+ Project’ conducted by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea. It was also selected for the LINC Project in 2012, and has ...  [2017-06-07]
Video Animation’s Art Works on Kim Gwang-seok Road
On March of 2017, the Keimyung University College of ARTech, Department of Video and Animation student art work began to be displayed on the Kim Gwang-seok Road’s Webtoon Corner. This work is in coop...  [2017-04-17]
Exhibiton in Hengso Museum
The Hengso Museum was discovering different relics every month.A red earthenware in the archaeology and pocket in the folklore and art is discovered from March 1 to 31. Discovered relics were differen...  [2017-04-17]
Tabula Rasa College and Artech College
In 2017, KMU established two colleges, Tabula Rasa College and Artech College, to deal with the rapidly changing educational environment in 2017. The Tabula Rasa College is an extension of the existin...  [2017-04-17]
Advertisement Contest
On February 28, KMU students won first prize and prize money of 5 million won at the 14th MTN College Student Advertising Competition held at the FKI Conference Center in Yeouido. This was the third p...  [2017-04-17]
College of Pharmacy Graduates Passes National Pharmacist Tes...
On February 14, Keimyung University announced that the of College of Pharmacy graduates passed the 68th National Pharmacist Test this year. This the third year in a row that all of the recently gradua...  [2017-03-27]
Overseas Volunteer Activities
Keimyung University held overseas volunteer activities during the winter vacation. The volunteer activities included, remodeling a school, making a new playground for local children, and encouraging a...  [2017-03-27]
KMU Signed MOU with KECO
On Dec. 27, 2016, Keimyung University and the Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) signed an agreement to training environmental specialists at the Sungseo campus main building. Participating in the c...  [2017-03-27]
KMU Students' Hand Warmer Event
It is an issue there are college students tried to improve relations between Korea and China about a ban Korean wave in China recently. Students are from Keimyung University and are attending a China ...  [2017-02-27]

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