Speed Limit and the Mini Baja Competition

Keimyung University’s Speed Limit club is readying a car to take part in the “Mini Baja Competition” from June 7 to 10 in Rochester, New York. The competition is run by the American Society of Automotive Engineers and sponsored by companies such as Toyota, Honda, Polaris, and Briggs & Stratton. Students from universities around the world join the competition to enhance their practical experience.

Speed Limit is the only Korean team to have joined this competition for four consecutive years. The leader of Speed Limit, Kim Soon-dong, said “We hope that our car, DD 07, will finish in the top ten. We want to show Korean cars’ great technology to the whole world.” Speed Limit has a good record in the Mini Baja Competition. When it first participated in this competition in 2004, it was ranked 28 out of 137 teams but has since been ranked in the top twenty annually. The Gazette hopes Speed Limit will get a good result.