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KMU Celebrates 125th Anniversary with 'Nabucco'

From May 21 to 23, Keimyung University celebrated its 125th anniversary with a performance of 'Nabucco'. Held at the Keimyung Art Center, the event featured over 300 participants, including professors, alumni, and current students, highlighting the university's rich cultural and artistic foundation.
 The opera 'Nabucco' is set against the backdrop of the Babylonian Captivity in the 6th century BC, where Hebrews were exiled by Nabucco and lived for 70 years along the Euphrates River. The story is an adaptation of the biblical tale of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II.

 Top-tier professionals in video, makeup, costumes, and stage design participated in the production, creating a world-class opera. Professors from Italy's Verdi National Music Conservatory and Japan's Osaka College of Music, sister schools of Keimyung University, also participated, enhancing the musical quality and showcasing Keimyung University's international stature.
 'Nabucco' is considered an ideal representation of Keimyung University's foundational ideals due to its strong Christian narrative. The university has chosen 'Nabucco' for its anniversary performances at the 115th, 120th, and now the 125th celebrations.

 This performance provided an opportunity for artists and audiences to engage in meaningful cultural experiences through mutual effort and empathy. Additionally, the inclusion of techniques from Italy's La Scala theater in the visual arts and costumes reflects efforts to bridge gaps in these areas within Korea.
 Professor Ha Seok-bae, the general director of the performance, stated, "While it is important for students to learn academics and skills, preparing for this performance gave them a chance to practice these disciplines and complete a work practically. I hope this experience will help students realize the value of such experiences when they enter society."