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KMU International Students, Harvesting Strawberry


On March 16, 2024, a rural culture experience activity was held for foreign exchange students. The program was organized by the Keimyung University International Cooperation Team for the purpose of promoting local culture and understanding through experiencing rural areas and activities near Daegu for foreign students. The event was attended by 40 foreign exchange students. At the event, they experienced activities such as strawberry harvesting, strawberry fondue, waffle making, and animal feeding at the strawberry farm. 

Nguyen Thi Tung, who is currently a senior in the Department of International Commerce, said she participated in the program to have fun experiences in Korea and to promote cultural exchange and understanding. She also said that she wanted to experience the importance of traditional Korean culture, natural environment, and rural life, so she participated in the program. She further commented that the activity of harvesting strawberries was the most impressive. While harvesting strawberries, she said that the most memorable thing was to take pictures with and share time together with the friends that joined her. In addition, she developed an interest in participating in the school program and expressed her gratitude that teachers from the International Cooperation Center provided foreign students with opportunities to experience various things. Through this experience, she said that she learned the importance of living in rural areas in Korea and that she was able to make many friends from all over the world. 

This foreign rural culture experience activity will be held again in two years. Foreign students can do various activities such as spending time in rural areas of Korea, harvesting strawberries, and making snacks. Rural culture experience activities are held every March for foreigners to participate in. If you have any questions about the activities, you can contact the International Cooperation Team of KMU (053-580-6496).