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KMU Chinese Alumni Day


On March 30th, Chinese alumni who graduated from Keimyung gathered at Beijing Language and Culture University for the Alumni Day event for Keimyung University's Chinese alumni. The gathering went beyond a simple reunion, fostering interaction among attendees and reaffirming the everlasting bond as alumni. The event was led by Dr. Bum Shin-seong, a Ph.D. in Chinese Studies from Keimyung University, with Chancellor Shin Il-hee of Keimyung University also in attendance. 

 Professors So Young-ha and Yeo Jeong, representing the graduates, expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by their alma mater. Dr. Yeo Jeong, who earned a Ph.D. in Education from Keimyung University, said, “I am grateful to our alma mater for giving us the opportunity to meet together,” and pledged, “I will always remember the teachings of our alma mater and continue to uphold the spirit of Keimyung University for its advancement.”  

Reflecting on memories of Keimyung University, attendees watched a video presentation showcasing recent developments such as the campus's changes and growth. This instilled pride among alumni and fostered anticipation for the university's future direction. Lastly, all attendees sang the alma mater together, reminiscing about precious memories at Keimyung University.  

KMU began welcoming Chinese exchange students in 1997. Since then, a total of 3191 students have graduated, with 2397 undergraduate, 508 master's, and 286 doctoral students thus far. 

Meanwhile, in celebration of Keimyung University's 125th anniversary, the International Office announced plans for a ‘Homecoming’ Day for graduates in July. This program will allow graduates and their families to visit KMU and experience campus tours.