People with Food Allergies

Student who has cucumber allergy, has difficulties in lifetime

Yeon-soo Oh / Department of Psychology


Q. Please tell me briefly about the allergy you are experiencing.  

A. Yes, I am allergic to cucumbers.  


Q. What is the biggest inconvenience you've had with your cucumber allergy?  

A. It was more uncomfortable than I thought that whenever I ordered food with cucumbers in it, such as cold noodles or kimbap, I had to tell them to remove cucumbers. I feel sorry to say that every time, and I think it's uncomfortable to say that when I'm busy.  


Q. Then, what kind of physical reaction do you have when your allergy comes up?   

A. Starting with my lips and face, I get more and more itchy symptoms, and slowly swell up.  


Q. Still, there are many cases where you must eat food at school when you are studying at school, , how do you manage it?  

A. First, before ordering, I first check whether the food has cucumbers in it. If it has too much cucumber in it, I order something else. However, if it's a small amount of food, I ask them to remove it in advance due to allergies.  


Q. Is there anything you want to say about the allergy mark in the school cafeteria?  

A. As far as I know, I don't think I've ever seen an allergy sign, but I know that there are many students suffering from allergies other than cucumbers. If the school considers this and provides allergy information, it will be of great help to students. 


Q. Do you think that allergy marks are marked properly in school? 

A. Well, I don’t think so, because we had to find allergic food, and ask them to put out of them from our dishes. It’s a little bit inconvenient.