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Pasau University in Germany

My name is Kim Do-young from the Department of Psychology at Keimyung University. I would like to share with you my exchange student experience at Pasau University in Germany.  

Pasau University is a university located in Pasau, Bavaria, Germany and is one of the youngest universities in Bavaria and was establishmed in 1973. As it is so new, it has one of the most modern campuses in Bavaria. It consists of five departments: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business Economics and Information Systems, the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, and the Faculty of Humanities and Culture, and each of them offers a verity of lectures.  

Pasau University is a highly regarded academic and research institute in the heart of Europe and maintains active international partnerships, with more than 1600 of its 11,000 students coming from more than 100 countries.  

There are many available classes, but among them, German language classes encourage students to actively participate in classes and provide various learning methods to easily access German and German culture. The classes provide opportunities to communicate and interact with students from various countries and help students actively communicate while learning German and performing team activities together. These active communication and participation methods contributed greatly to my learning German quickly and interacting with students from various countries.  

Before the start of the semester, the University of Pasau offers a variety of programs to help international and exchange students adjust to school life. There are many different and fun programs such as the Campus tour, City tour, Intercultural Evening, and Day trip  that  run for two weeks, and through these programs, students can have the opportunity to learn about Pasau and Pasau University, communicate with students from various other countries, and exchange each other's cultures.  

My exchange life in Germany gave me the opportunity to travel to European countries around Germany, communicate with people from various countries, and experience  culture firsthand. Thank you.