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The Inaugural Ceremony of the Vietnam Alumni Association



On Saturday, February 17th, the Vietnam Alumni Association held its inaugural ceremony at the SUNWAH Hall of Hanoi University of Foreign Studies. Approximately 50 Vietnamese graduates and 10 current students from KMU attended the event, and this marked the official meeting between graduates and current students of Keimyung University. Vice President of the International Office, Kim Seon-jeong, attended and delivered congratulatory remarks, while Lee Jae-ha, President of the Keimyung University Alumni Association, sent his congratulations via video message. The International Cooperation Team of our university assisted in electing the president, vice president, and executives of the alumni association. An audiovisual presentation showcasing the current states and campus life of Vietnamese students at our university was also shared with the alumni.
In 2001, nine scholarship recipients entered the Master's course in Early Childhood Education at our university's Korean Language Institute. All nine students completed their Master's degrees in 2002, marking the beginning of Vietnamese student recruitment at our university. To date, our university has produced 277 Vietnamese graduates and program completers.
President Do Phuong Thuy expressed her joy at the establishment of the Keimyung University Vietnam Alumni Association after 22 years. She stated, "I am proud to be elected as the inaugural president of the association and grateful for the trust of my fellow alumni." She also pledged to actively serve as a bridge between Keimyung University graduates, connect them with each other, and foster connections between alumni and the university. President Do Phuong Thuy, who was elected as the association's president, entered Keimyung University's Korean Culture and Information Studies program in 2004. She currently serves as a professor in the Korean Language Education department at Hanoi University of Foreign Studies.