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KMU’s Mobility Campus Kicks Off



On January 31st, the opening ceremony of our school's Mobility Campus was held at Daegu Technopolis in Yongri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu Metropolitan City. Following this, I met with Kim Beom-jun, the vice president of the industry-academic cooperation department, to discuss students' vision of futurity.
The newly established departments for this Mobility Campus are the Department of Mobility Materials and Parts, the Department of Aviation Logistics, and the Department of Railways. These departments have been opened with the purpose of providing education for local companies in the Daegu mobility-related industry.
The Mobility Campus designed for these departments has research facilities and development plans for research and development in the Daegu mobility industry, creating favorable conditions. Therefore, there is growing interest from professors and students at Keimyung Seongseo Campus.
Facility construction for the Mobility Campus is also under discussion, considering the demand from local companies. Companies are aiming to acquire common software, and PC labs for running the software are already prepared. The space used for the opening ceremony is built for experimentation, providing a basic educational environment. Furthermore, plans are in place to attract national projects to supplement large hardware equipment.
Facilities for students are also an important task. Plans are underway to build dormitories capable of accommodating approximately 100 people, as well as facilities such as restaurants, meeting rooms, and rest areas. Especially, with the opening of the Daegu Industrial Line, if students' mobility rights are expanded, it is expected that these student welfare facilities will be further diversified.
Through these efforts, the Mobility Campus is expected to contribute to both students' learning and living convenience, as well as to the development of the local industry.