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Updates on the English Version of ‘KMU EDWARD’

Prior to this issue, we had an interview with Jeong Man-joo, head of the computer development team, about the Edward English version system in school. We tried to solve the complaints of foreign students about the Edward English version and asked some words on behalf of the readers. However, the first thing you need to know is that the Edward system is a system that inputs words into the system, not translations. 

The computer development team was aware of the inconvenience of international students in the English version of the Edward system. The route to it was diverse, including the community called Everytime and working students. Students cited the fact that the program does not look in English as the most difficult reason. For the professors, they cited the fact that the necessary notice guidance is not visible in English as the most uncomfortable
reason. In response, the computer development team strongly appealed that the English service is computerized and renewed every year.
Sometimes there are people who want 100% of the demand for words, and it is unfortunate that the departments that manage them are all different and cannot meet 100% of the demand. In addition to this, we asked one more question that we were curious about. As readers might know, there are many Chinese and Vietnamese students in our school. It is not an exaggeration to say that it accounts for more than English-speaking students. We asked if you would like to include not only Korean and English but also Chinese or Vietnamese in the Edward system. Regarding him, he said it is too early to discuss Chinese and Vietnamese yet. In reality, he said that it is difficult for people to do it and it costs a lot of money for manpower and finances. It was unable to solve it with translation. In reality, it is done by manually entering the words and their meanings into the programs one by one. Also,
academic words take a long time to find the meaning of the words clearly. It’s hard for everyone to get results that are 100 percent satisfactory, but we want everyone to know that their efforts are over 500 percent.