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KMU International Lounge LAS Weekdays


The KMU International Lounge held the LAS Weekdays to improve KMU students’ language skills and enhance their interests in language learning. The LAS Weekdays is operated from September 18th to December 8th, and the program offered English, German, and Arabic. students could apply for the program in advance from September 11th. The available spots are determined by order of arrival at the International Lounge every week, and up to five applicants are accepted for each class. If an applicant was absent three times without permission, they cannot apply for other classes and attending every class diligently is necessary. Monday and Tuesday had an open level of English class, and Wednesday also had every class of English and German, and the basic level of Arabic. Also, there was an open level of English class on Thursday and Friday. Through LAS Weekdays, students have the opportunity to develop their foreign language skills because the classes were operated by native speakers. Moreover, with through the communication focus of the classes; it is expected that students’ interest in learning languages will be enhanced.