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Dongsan Library SooSangHan Cinema Operation

Dongsan Library, located on the Seongseo campus of Keimyung University, holds a movie screening called SooSangHan Cinema every month. Screenings begin at 13:30 every Wednesday and finish depending on the runtime of the movie. The screening location is the Multiplex Room on the 3rd floor of Dongsan Library. The schedule of movies is posted on the Keimyung University Dongsan Library website, so students can select the movie they want to see and visit accordingly. Since the school vacation period is approaching in December, only three movies will be aired in December. The schedule is as follows. Last Christmas, a 2019 American film in the romantic genre, will be aired on December 6th. On December 13th, the 2015 Korean romantic film The Beauty Inside will be played. On December 20th, the 2003 American and British film Love Actually, in the romantic genre, will be aired. If you do not have class or want to watch a great movie for free, it would be great to visit the Dongsan Library.