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KMU, Fashion Graduate Italia 2023

In the globally renowned fashion city of Milan, from October 24th (Tuesday) to 26th (Thursday), 2023, the 'Fashion Graduate Italia 2023' event took place. Students in the fashion departments of Keimyung University (President Shin Il-hee) and Kyungpook National University (President Hong Won-hwa) were officially invited as student representatives of Milan's sister city, following their participation in the event last year. 

Daegu City, as a sister city of Milan, has chosen a special theme for this year's event, focusing on planning the future based on the past. The theme of the event is:"Do you remember the future?" Under this theme, students from Daegu City have created artworks with the theme  "Recalling Memories for the Future," emphasizing images related to a sustainable future.  

The students participated as aspiring fashion designers in a five-day hands-on learning experience, which included fittings, rehearsals, and the actual event spanning three days of direct fashion shows. Additionally, they engaged in experiential activities to learn about Italian culture and fashion.