Brief on KMU

KMU, Holding Korean Golden Bell



On October 9 2023, the 577th Hangul Day Commemorative Korean Quiz Contest was held at Keimyung University Gymnasium to mark Hangul Day. It also includes the Korean Golden Bell, which answers questions by writing Korean words and sentences for foreign students. The competition was hosted by the Korean Language Institute at KMU's Center for International Business, and 611 foreign students from 32 countries participated. In order to promote the excellence of Hangeul directly at the International Business Center, not only Korean quiz competitions but also works with foreign students' names in Korean were displayed. Currently, KMU is playing a major role in expanding Korean language education abroad, and Korean speaking competitions and calligraphy competitions will be held. This is based on the intention that more foreigners are trying to learn Korean due to the growing interest in the Korean language around the world due to the recent Korean Wave craze, and that they will try to learn it easily.