Brief on KMU

Holding a Snack Sharing Event for International Students


From October 23 to 24, 2023, a snack sharing event was held at KMU's Dong-yeong Hall to cheer for the midterm exams of foreign students. The event was hosted by KMU's International Student Council and the International Cooperation Team. In addition, the event was held for foreign students, and the event was held in hopes of cheering for international students studying hard for their first midterm exams in the second semester. There were various snacks, cookies, and drinks for the midterm exam, and many international students visited Dong-yeong Hall to receive snacks. One student who received the snack said, "There was a lot of stress on the test, but the school gave me snacks to ease the burden on the test a little. Thank you for taking care of students who came to study from other countries." Organizers said they are preparing snacks to cheer for the midterm and final exams of each semester as well as this semester.