Brief on KMU

KMU Cross Cultural Awareness Program



 The KMU-CCAP (KMU Cross Cultural Awareness Program), hosted by KMU International Lounge, is a program in which a CEV(Cultural Exchange Volunteer) and a KIV(Korean Interpretation Volunteer) form a team to deliver multicultural classes in elementary, middle, and high school for 1~3 times during this semester. This program will take place from October to December. During the class, CEV introduces the culture of their country and the KIV interprets the contents and acts as an intermediary role between the CEV and the schoolteacher so they can communicate smoothly. For two months, they visit Kyungwon High School, Seongdang Middle School, Seongseo Middle School, Yongjeon Elementary School and others. Through this program, volunteers can experience the importance of cultural exchange, in addition, students learn about a variety of cultures from diverse countries and can get meaningful opportunities with international students.