Binna Shares Her WEST Experience!



WEST(Work, English, Study and Travel): an internship programme designed by the Korean government to provide Korean students with global experiences in the United States. Those who want to apply must be Korean nationals and university students with a required English certificate.


This time, we had a talk with Binna Lee in the Department of International Relations in Keimyung Adams College. 


1. Can you introduce yourself? 
: My name is Binna Lee, and I’m majoring in the department of International Relations at Keimyung Adams College. I am interested in child education and regional development for underdeveloped countries, and I love experiencing different cultures.  


2. Let's talk about your experience with the WEST program. Can you first briefly tell me what the recruitment process of the programme is like? 
: An acronym for Work, English, Study and Travel, the WEST program is a program that provides opportunities to Korean university students and young professionals to work as an intern in the United States, participate and develop language skills through an English study program, and explore the U.S. culture through traveling around the country. As to my knowledge, the recruitment happens every semester/year, and can be applied through the worldjob+ page (

There will be a notification on the employment (취업) section on our school home page, too. The application requirements are all written in the attached file of the notification. For further information, I have attached the link that describes the program in detail: 


3. Based on your experience, can you share your tips in the application process, such as some skills or qualities? 
: First of all, there should be TOEIC and TOEIC Speaking scores. There obviously would be many other documents required for applying to the program, but these are two major documents that are mandatory. Hence, I recommend taking the test early on and prepare for the score that meets the requirements. Other than that, there will be questions about your financial arrangements when staying in the U.S. Please be prepared to answer those questions and you will be all right.  


4. There is a mandatory language course prior to the internship. So, we would like to hear about your experience with the provided language course from an outstanding English speaker, a.k.a. Miss Binna Lee.
: Haha. Thanks for saying that I am a good English speaker, but I don’t think I really am. Language is something that should be learnt and used continuously to stay on track and move forward. In those terms. I think the language course was a good time for me to recap and get the hang of using English in more grammatical and technical ways. I would not say that a few months of language courses would enhance one’s language skills dramatically, but I believe it is better than nothing, especially when working in a place that requires total fluency in English. 


5. In what company did you do the internship? And what was your primary tasks during those days?
: I participated in Online WEST program due to the Covid pandemic. Hence, I did not get a chance to work with a firm in the U.S. I worked the Malaysian branch of an American firm that makes courses about Sustainable Development. I worked there as a translator, translating Korean courses to English. 


6. What did you feel when the internship was done? Do you think it helped you improve in any aspect of life? Was there any lesson you gained? 
: To be honest, working online isn’t always fun, especially when you are not paid. WEST program internship barely has any internship that includes payment and is almost to the level of voluntary work. Working online I could not even get the benefit of having the experience to live in a new culture. This was a little disappointing to me though there weren’t any better options during COVID. Yet, through the process of applying and working through the WEST program, it gave me a chance to look back through my past records and polish my resume. Like all internships, it was a great experience to make my CV in both Korean and English, which I think is still a great asset that is helping me even now.


7. Last question! As an alumnus of WEST, do you recommend it to other students? If not, what is the reason?
: If the WEST program was held online, I would totally not recommend it. However, the current situation seems like there’s no online work anymore. Looking to this, if you wish to learn new culture, get a little support from the government, and experience working with foreign firms, why not go for it. It will be a huge asset to you. Yet, if you plan to learn English and earn money through this program, I would carefully tell the other students to think about it one more time, because there are lot more other opportunities that would help you grow and earn money.