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The Role of KMU's 8 Beautiful Promotion Teams


In Keimyung University, there are 8 beautiful promotion teams, Arimi, Purmi, Dreamy, Barumi, Nanumi, Leelumi, ekmi, AllBareumi. Each organization has a different job, and they are doing various activities related to school. Knowing about their roles will help students to enjoy KMU life better.
 Arimi is the official KMU student promotion team. They are in the charge of various internal and external promotional roles such as campus tour, SNS promotion, and promotional media modeling activities. 
Also, Purmi is the online ambassador of KMU. They advertise KMU on official SNS such as YouTube, Instagram and so on. Also, they cover school news, plan and produce contents using video and photo editing. 
 Dreamy promotes our school as well as mentoring middle and high school students. Furthermore, they work with various Social media. 
Next, Barumi supports events hosted by the Keimyung Education of Humanism Center and they monitor their own programs. It also hosts various in-school campaign events.
In addition, Nanumi promote Dongsan Library, the representative library at KMU, and they support events hosted in Dongsan Library. 
 Leelumi, are the student supporters of university innovation support projects. They monitor and participate in various extra curriculum programs, plan diverse projects themselves, and create and promote related to those contents.
 Ekmi is an admissions ambassador at KMU. Ekmi introduces and promotes KMU to students in several ways. 
Lastly, Allbareumi a volunteer group in which KMU students plan and participate in volunteer work. They participate in not only in volunteer work based on their major, but also in representative volunteer work in KMU such as painting murals. 
 Through their various events and activities, KMU students can get a lot of information and freshman can also adapt in school easily. Participating as a member of these organizations and having good memories are also one of the ways to enjoy a meaningful university life.