Campus News

Introduction to School Activities

There are many activities at Keimyung University such as K-Circle, Keimyung Tutoring, and K-MOM. There are seven clubs under K-Circle: an activity contest-type K-Circle learning club, a reading discussion club, a project-type K-Circle club, a learning club for minorities/Keimyung Tutoring, a K-Circle employment club, an IT-skill-up study support program, and a Keimyung Student Scala development project.


I will now explain the K-Circle and Keimyung Tutoring clubs. To briefly explain the K-Circle learning club, it is a group study team that completes a group project and supports the cost of running the group. It is the same concept as a study group that studies a topic together such as TOEIC or computer literacy tests. K-Circle members can have 2 to 6 members depending on the program. The support fund given for each group is different, and 70-80% of the support fund granted can be used for food expenses. In addition, the support fund can be used to purchase stationery, consumables, and learning materials. A similar but different club is, Keimyung Tutoring, which is a club under K-Circle. This club has slightly different characteristics as it is one-on-one learning about a subject, and there is a qualification that the tutor must have a grade of A or higher in the subject.


Another program is K-MOM (Keimyung-Mind of Minority). It is a psychological support program for students at Keimyung University who are feel alienated. There is an activity support fund provided for each team, and mentors and mentees work together with a given activity support fund. Another advantage of joining this program is that students can receive Compass K points.


As you can see, various activities are actively carried out on campus. You can find all of the informations on STORY+. There are many good benefits such as activity support funds and Compass K scores, so I hope students will make good use of these programs.