When was the most embarrassing moment after entering the campus?



Probably, trying to communicate with other students because we have this language barrier. Either the students are very shy, or they don’t know English. And I don’t know Korean. It’s kind of hard when we try to talk because then it just feels like we go back and forth and back and forth. Typically, when I’m in class, my teachers my teachers can speak in Korean and in English. But when I’m paired up with students, some of the students can’t speak English, and I can’t speak in Korean. It’s like we are trying to pick words. I’m trying to build my vocabulary, and they try to build theirs. And it feels like we still miss each other there. Once, I was at the Tae Kwon Do class, and the teacher asked me to go downstairs, talk to somebody, and come back upstairs. That’s what I understood. But what the teacher meant was come downstairs, tell the students that we have our class upstairs, and come back up with those students.