When was the most embarrassing moment after entering the campus?


At the library, the distinction between the entrance door and the exit door was kind of confusing. Because normally, the entrance door is on the right. But we wanted to go into the door on the left because the door on the right had a sign written in red. And normally, the red sign on the door means the exit or do not enter here. So, we wanted to enter on the other side, and then we found out that it actually is the other way around. Also, one time, we went to the library. And when you go to the library, you have to reserve a seat on the application before you sit down, Clicker. But we didn’t know we had to do that when we first went to the library. So, we just sat down without reservation. And then one hour later, one guy came and tapped on my shoulder. He said to me that this seat is not taken. I didn’t know what was wrong and he didn’t speak English. Then he just showed me how to reserve a seat on Clicker. Now I know, but that was a kind of embarrassing moment for me.