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KMU's Humanities and Social Research Institute's Support Project

Keimyung University announced on September 8th, 2022 that the Women's Studies Institute and the International StudiesInstitute have been selected for the Humanities and Social Research Institute Support Project organized by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation. Keimyung University's Women's Studies Institute was selected forthe projectforthe first time, and the International Studies Institute was reselected forthe second stage after carrying out the first stage project for three years from 2019.


Keimyung University's Women's Studies Institute plans to conduct research for six years, under the the theme of Production of Transformation Era, Regional, Women and Life as well as from September 2022 to 2028. Furthermore, the Institute of Women's Studies aims to become an important research foundation to systematically deal with women's problems in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, and is pursuing social reform of knowledge by providing gender recognition education programs for equal community development. Inaddition, through mutual understanding and exchange with women both at home and abroad, the organization intends to expand and share Women’s Studies and contribute to the construction of a democratic and peace-oriented world.


Keimyung University’s Institute of International Studies will promote the second phase ofthe project under the theme of Multi-disciplinary integration process development in international regional studies and establishment of international regional expert training programs. In the second stage, based on the integrated international regionalstudies curriculum established in the first stage, they present a human resource image that can cope with changes in the international order and the environment, such as COVID-19, globalization paradigm, regionalization and blockization. It publishes the academic journal International Studies of treatises twice a year, publishes related academic papers, and holds international academic forums to provide opportunities to discuss important academic issues.


Ahn Sook-young, director of the Women's Studies Institute at Keimyung University, said, "We must enter an era of transformation in which we must completely change our way of life in terms of political, economic, and social and cultural spaces after the global disaster caused by COVID-19. Research groups and next-generation researchers who can operate within the national and social problems and develop education and research cooperation centered on universities will be explored through specialization and specialization of humanities