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Establishment of Keimyung Academy at Changchun University in China

 Keimyung University was recently approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the establishment and operation of the Sino-foreign Cooperative Education. Accordingly, Keimyung Academy will be established at Changchun University in China where 300 new students will be recruited from September 2022. 
 Sino-foreign Cooperative Education is a system in which a university in China and foreign universities with excellent educational and research capabilities jointly operate a curriculum with approval from the Chinese Ministry of Education, and are divided into two types of programs and organizations. The program is operated with one major with a recruitment capacity of 120 people every year. The organization offers three majors with a recruitment capacity of 300 students every year. 
 The Keimyung Academy of Changchun University will jointly operate undergraduate courses in the Department of Automotive System Engineering, Food Science and Technology, an the Department of Electrical Energy Engineering. After students complete the curriculum in China for two years, they will come to Korea to study for two more years and receive a degree from Changchun University as well as Keimyung University. In order to link high-quality education and educational content in China, professors from Keimyung University will be in charge of lectures at the Keimyung Academy of Changchun University.