Campus News

The Humanities Creativity Fusion Lounge

 The humanities creativity fusion lounge on the first floor of the Yeongam Hall of Keimyung University’s Seongseo Campus is part of a university innovation support project. It is a multipurpose innovation space created by remodeling the existing self-study room and is open to students from the opening of the 2022 school year. It has been transformed from an existing stuffy and closed reading room-type learning space to an open space which is centered on students. The humanities creativity fusion lounge is expected to establish itself as a convergence space for communication, collaboration, and creation that connects humanities and other areas of study. 
 The humanities creativity fusion lounge is composed of themes such as seminar zones, multimedia zones, book cafe zones, information search zones, and rest zones in a large 119 pyeong (393.35㎡) space. In addition, there are individual learning spaces for students preparing for various national exams. In the future, various programs and learning activities will be held here. All programs in the two specialized business departments operated by the College of Humanities and International Studies and the College of Education are hosted here.