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Keimyung Freshman Book

 Keimyung University is the first university nationwide to run a reading program called Keimyung Freshman Book for prospective freshmen, receiving great response. 
 The Keimyung Freshman Book is a program aimed at developing reading habits before prospective freshmen enter the school, holding discussions with students, professors, and employees on a common theme, using it as a tool of communication, while also establishing a sense of community. Prospective freshmen begin reading from Jan. 10th and hold a book report contest in May. Through the book report contest, a total prize worth 10 million won and a certificate in the name of the president and the library director will be awarded, and the winners will also be given different COMPASS K scores depending on their participation. 
 Meanwhile, Keimyung University's Dongsan Library allows prospective freshmen to use the library and borrow books before admission, starting with Keimyung Freshman Book, a common reading program for 2022. The Dongsan Library has prepared 300 e-books and 20 paper copies of selected books so that prospective freshmen can borrow and read them comfortably so that the program can proceed smoothly. Prospective freshmen can freely use e-books after logging in to the library's website with their test number before entering the school.