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KMU Dongsan Metaverse Library "Dongsan Vilib" Open

The Metaverse Library, Dongsan Virtual Library, officially opened and began service on Tuesday, November 16. Dongsan Vilib embodied the seven-floor building of Keimyung University Dongsan Library as it is, and made it possible to receive services by asking virtual librarians in real time.
Keimyung University Dongsan Library has been building a metaverse space since September 1 using Naver's Geppetto platform. In order to revive the actual appearance, the floor, wall frame, and interior were sketched, and virtual space was built. For library tours for freshmen and new teachers, you can also gather at the entrance of Dongsan Vilib without having to visit the library in person. Keimyung University Dongsan Library is expanding its service to a virtual world by providing production education for students who want to produce metaverse themselves or by setting up promotional booths for students who have never visited metaverse. Dongsan Vilib is expected to develop universities into communication spaces, not just knowledge transfer spaces, and open new horizons for library services.